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20+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2016

The concept behind WordPress was to provide a standardized blogging platform for everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge. However, today WordPress has moved up to become a platform that anyone looking to build a website can use. From Fortune 500 companies to startups and small businesses, WordPress has been powering thousand of websites across the web sphere. One of the most important reasons behind this popularity has been the wide variety of templates that WordPress offers. Highly responsive, these templates are completely customizable and are even offered for free! If you too have been planning to create a website for your business / personal blog, check out these 20 best free responsive WordPress themes.

20 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes:

  1. Shapely

    best free responsive WordPress themes - Shapely

Shapely is amongst the best free responsive WordPress themes in use currently, highly responsive, and it offers incredible customizations to the already beautiful and dynamic graphics and navigation. Shapely even supports high-resolution retina display and thus is ideal for any brand or individual planning to showcase its products or portfolio.

  1. Illdy

best free responsive WordPress themes - illdy

An amazingly flexible and avant-garde design, Iiidly makes websites engaging and addictive. The platform has been experientially designed but has soon caught up with developers for its smooth and fresh graphics and layout. There are thousands of widgets that in integrated into Illdy to make it suitable for any business.

  1. NewsMag Lite

best free responsive WordPress themes - Newsmag

Another highly versatile WordPress theme, NewsMag Lite is highly responsive and offers incredible carousels and sliders for content. This is perfect for individuals and businesses trying to come up with a magazine / online news website and similar content.

  1. Activello

best free responsive WordPress themes - Activello

Simple and minimalistic, Activello has made a mark among food bloggers, fashion bloggers, travelers, photographers and related niches. The magazine themed platform, Activello comes with incredible sliders and carousels for dynamic content.

  1. Sparkling

best free responsive WordPress themes - sparkling

If you have been looking for a more sophisticated looking WordPress theme, Sparkling would be a great option. The flat themed design is marked by modern designs and bootstrap technology. It has full-screen sliders allowing more of creative content including GIFs and animations.

  1. Dazzling

best free responsive WordPress themes - dazzling

Another beautiful free theme offered by WordPress, Dazzling works on Bootstrap 3 and provides a different responsiveness. You even have the options for plugins for SEO, Contact Form 7 and Jetpack.

  1. Travelify

best free responsive WordPress themes - travelify

A generously developed WordPress template, Travelify is a premium theme marked by pixel perfect design custom templates and other unique features for customization. This would be ideal for travel blogs and company websites.

  1. Unite

best free responsive WordPress themes - unite

Highly stylish but clean, Unite offers a flat responsive theme that is powered by Bootstrap 3 and incredible options for customization. The elegant looks of Unite had made it popular among wedding bloggers and related niche.

  1. Zerif Lite


Perfect for any digital studio, web agency, business website and corporate showcase, Zerif Lite is optimized with WooCommerce and also integrates multilingual plugins and WPML. The theme also offers a validated W3C markup.

  1. Enigma

best free responsive WordPress themes - enigma

A standard WordPress theme for any modern website, Enigma presents a flawless layout and several impressive features. Many have been using Enigma for their personal portfolio, but the theme can be adapted to any service.

  1. Ascent

best free responsive WordPress themes - Ascent

The advantage with Ascent lies in an impressive feature roster that has been made to be completely responsive and works great on all kinds of devices. Users have the flexibility to completely customize the looks and choose among several variations of the content layout.

  1. FlatOn

best free responsive WordPress themes - flaton

Another top-notch WordPress theme, FlatOn offers an incredible flat design that makes is perfect for all kinds of screens. This is perfect for creating corporate websites, business portfolios, and similar online content.

  1. Onetone

best free responsive WordPress themes - onetone

Onetone will be a great choice if you are looking to come up with a streamlined content layout that entertains a minimal but sophisticated look. Onetone also offers a great opportunity for SEO.

  1. Auberge

best free responsive WordPress themes - auberge

Optimized for high retina display content, Auberge is already powering more than 30000 websites. The philosophy with Auberge focuses around a mobile firth technology and provides flawless responsiveness.

  1. Awaken

best free responsive WordPress themes - awaken

For users looking for a minimalistic look but great visuals, Awaken guarantees secure backend and unhindered responsiveness. With support for YouTube and social media widgets, this would be the theme for any modern company.

  1. Constructzine Lite

best free responsive WordPress themes - constructzine-lite

Featuring a highly corporate look, Constructzine Lite has been specially designed for construct and real estate businesses. However, the theme can also e integrated for any serious hobby website.

  1. BookRev Lite

best free responsive WordPress themes - Bookrev

A specially crafted website catering for book reviews, recipes and similar type of content, BookRev Lite has found a substantial user base.

  1. Esteem

best free responsive WordPress themes - esteem

Straightforward and easy to navigate, Esteem is one of the best free responsive WordPress themes for any portfolio website. You have options for thousands of themes, plugins and display carousels.

  1. Ample

 best free responsive WordPress themes - ample

A multipurpose WordPress theme, Ample comes as a boxed layout and will be a general theme that can be adapted for any kind of online website.

  1. Accelerate

Another highly attractive but highly customizable and responsive WordPress theme, Accelerate offers a fluid layout that is perfect for displaying products and portfolios. It is best used by eCommerce websites.

Which one of these best free responsive WordPress themes would you choose?

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