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5 Best WordPress Auction Plugins and Themes in 2021

Believe it or not, the world of eCommerce and online auctions is fascinating enough; so much so that each day, there are several additions to this domain. If you have never been a part of an online auction, know that it’s not significantly different than a physical one. 

Basically, instead of being executed in a room full of people, online auctions are organized on the internet using a perfect auction plugin. Talking about benefits, managing online auctions offer an abundance of advantages. Not just you can sell your items to anybody in the world but can also have more valuable exposure. 

And then, regardless of the time of the day, you can run your auction without any hindrance. Keeping the escalating popularity in mind, several developers are coming up with WooCommerce auction plugins and tools to help you create a fruitful experience for consumers. 

If you’re thinking of coming up with such a portal, in this post, find out the top 5 best WordPress auction plugins and themes in 2021.

Top 5 WordPress Auction Plugins and Themes

    1. Woo Auction Software

Woo Auction Software is one of the powerful and advanced auction plugins. This free WordPress auction plugin allows you to host Simple, Reverse, and Penny auctions, with ease and efficiency. Quick to set up, it also supports WooCommerce.  

Through penny auctions, you can easily create pr-bidding packages. This way bidders will pay you a non-refundable fee to enter into the auction.

This plugin also provides a multi-vendor marketplace feature. This feature lets you create an eBay style vendor auction platform on WordPress to monetize your auction site. You can let other users place their auctions on your platform. 

Apart from this, some other considerable features include:

    • Personalization and customization of email templates

    • Ajax updates of latest prices and bidding

    • Varying price configuration options available

    • Option to set auctions in advance

    • Anti-snipping

    • Feature-rich widgets

    • Supports different payment gateways

    • Compatible with multi-lingual

This simplified auction software is undoubtedly very flexible and intuitive and can help you easily monetize your WordPress website.

Here is a video on how you can easily add Woo auction widgets to an online auction website.


    2. YITH WooCommerce Auctions

YITH WooCommerce Auctions is a plugin that offers an extensive range of features. Right from setting up an auction with your own product catalog to coordinating with affiliate sellers, with this plugin, everything is a breeze. 

The plugin also allows you to add a Buy Now button with every product. And then, you can contact vendors who can link their products with your site. This way, you can easily earn a percentage on every converted sale. Some of the popular features include:

    • Unlimited number of auction products to upload

    • Option to export a complete list of the auction in a CSV file format

    • Allows putting status labels on auctions, such as not started, ended, etc.

    • Set up a start price for every auction

    • Put reverse price for every product

    • Get to define the start and end date of the auction

    • Add a countdown for every auction product that is on loop

Furthermore, with one plugin, you can organize unlimited auctions. So, download this plugin, set up a price, let your auction run and people can buy whatever they would like. 

    3. Auction Nudge

If you are looking forward to adding something more to your site, then this specific plugin would be a perfect fit. Auction Nudge allows you to add a complete, comprehensive eBay profile to the WordPress website. Additional features of Auction Nudge include:

    • Choose from different themes

    • Get to change how the plugin looks with simple CSS rules

    • Option to use JavaScript for advanced users

    • Absolutely responsive

    • Easy to use and customize

Also, if you already own an eBay account that has a satisfactory feedback score, this plugin will turn out to be quite useful for you. Whenever a visitor lands upon your site, they will get to see reviews, your eBay account, and the products that you’re selling. All of this, together, would be a plus point for them to continue with the purchase. 

    4. WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Auction

Another one on the list is this plugin that comes with the functionality to create four different auction types. Once installed, you can then create Reserve, Automatic, Incremental, and Standard auctions. Being an admin, you can add unlimited people to offer products. Some significant features include:

    • Add incremental, automatic, and reserve auction types

    • Email every time somebody outbids

    • All the auction types can easily be applied to one product

    • Customers get to place standard and automatic bids

Not just for you, but even for your users, this plugin provides numerous efficient functions. Right from opting to bid automatically upon outbidding; to automatically receive emails when the auction is terminated; the plugin takes care of the needs of your users. 

    5. WooCommerce Simple Auctions

Irrespective of the products you are selling, with this specific plugin, you can develop an online auction house of the WordPress site just within a matter of time. Equipped with plenty of features, you can easily transform your website into eBay’s competition. 

Right from assigning start and end times to an auction to set prices that increase with each bid, there is a lot that this plugin allows you to execute. Some of the best features of this plugin are:

    • Easy integration into WooCommerce

    • Ability to verify payment/credit card details 

    • Anti-snipping feature

    • Can work with any type of payment gateway that WooCommerce supports

Moreover, your potential leads can register by entering their payment details. And, whenever somebody will win the auction, the payment will be processed automatically. One of the good things is that this plugin supports several payment methods as well, including Google Wallet and PayPal. 

Why Should you Opt for WordPress Auction Plugins and Themes?

Undoubtedly, there are tons and thousands of WordPress plugins and themes available out there. After all, the popularity that this platform holds is not just for nothing. Thus, if you’re ready to come up with an auction website, make use of the tools mentioned above. 

Along with being simpler to handle, these tools also assist you in taking your auction site to a completely different level with an array of features. So, choose now and start selling. 


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