5 Conversion Sweet-Spots You’re Likely Missing On Your Site

Conversion is something that all website owners want, but is something that can easily elude many. Part of the issue is many don’t realize the holes in their  design. In fact, many site owners can increase their conversion rate with just a few simple tweaks to their design. If you struggle with conversion or you’d like to try a few things to try and increase it on your site, then give these a try on your site.

1) Add A Sign Up Box Inside Your Post

It’s a rather popular choice to display a sign-up form in the sidebar of your blog. Though displaying you sign up area is important, the sidebar isn’t always the best place for it. While reading your blog, most visitors to your site are not going to pay much attention to your sidebar (of course they glance at it, but it’s not what they’re there for).

The majority of their focus will be your post.

As they read through, you will likely have something that prompts them to sign up for more great information. At that point, you should take advantage of the opportunity and place a sign-up area directly below the prompt. This makes the process more fluid and easier for readers to opt-in.

2) Use Call-To-Action Buttons

There seems to be a little bit of confusion about who should be using call-to-action buttons on their site. To clarify: Everyone should be using them.

No matter what kind of website you run, calls to action are important. Your conversion goals are important, but if you don’t give your viewers a clear action to follow through on, then there’s going to be a hole on your conversion funnel.

3) Use A Pop-up Bar

Pop-up bars are nice to touch to any website. They’re eye-catching, but they’re less distracting and annoying than a full-fledged pop-up. The goal of a pop-up can be set by you: you can drive traffic to a page, increase signups, or increase social shares. Choice is yours. There are plenty of both free and premium pop-up bar option out there.

4) Link Your Pictures Correctly

When you’re browsing a page on say,, are you more likely to click on the picture of a product or the link text? Chances are that most of us would click on the picture over the link text. Pictures draw more attention which generally equates to more clicks. However, if your pictures relate to what you’re promoting on your post, but they don’t link to the right place, then you’re likely losing out on some nice conversion.

To help increase the click through rate on pictures, try linking your pictures to the right pages by adding a custom URL when adding the picture to your post. (i.e. link the picture of a product you’re promoting to the corresponding page, or link a picture a landing page, etc.)

5) Text Links That Stand Out

Most bloggers already use text links in their blog posts, but many don’t realize that the color of the links can be just as important as the link itself. Many will say that blue, red, and orange links have the best conversion rate, however, that’s not always the case.

It’s been proven that links which perform the best (the ones that get clicked on the most) are the ones that stand out on your particular site. That means that you should use a color that really contrasts with the current colors on your site.

Above all, the best way to find out what is working is to A/B test all your tweaks to see what is working and what isn’t. Best of luck!

photo credit: atmtx via photopin cc

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