A Handy Checklist for your “Advertise With Us” Page

You have a respectable website with a reasonable amount of traffic – but you still don’t have advertisers knocking on your door.
You are wondering why there are so many websites out there with lesser traffic or poorer user engagement levels but seem to constantly have an enviably long waiting list of advertisers queued up.

What is the key differentiator ? Are they offering cheaper advertising rates ? Any special advantage that they offer ?

The main focus is Clarity! Clarity! Clarity! Clearly articulate what you offer. Why should advertisers join you? What are the benefits that they get? If you don’t blow your own trumpet ( a little bit) – you won’t get heard 🙂

The first step is setting up a dedicated page that articulates your advertising proposal. This is typically titled “Advertise With Us”

Here is a check-list that you must run through when you set up this page –

1. Statistics

  • # of Page-views per day / month
  • Social Media Fan Following E.g. Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers etc.
  • Mailing List Subscriber Count ( assuming you plan to send this out to your mailing list as well )


This is your main value proposition so spend some time in highlighting this properly.

2. Understanding your audience

  • Demographics of your visitors – e.g. Young / Employed / Male / Female etc.
  • Your website’s focus area or key objective

Help the advertiser understand the profile of a typical visitor on your website.
Explain// the likes / preferences of your key visitor segment. Highlight what your website primarily aims to do – e.g. it mainly caters to college-going students , then knowing that will help your advertisers plan their campaign accordingly

3. Advertisement options

  • List all options – e.g. banners, tweets, sponsored review , giveaways etc.
  • If you are flexible and are open to ad avenues (other than those listed on your site), provide a way for the advertiser to contact you and discuss those.


4. How to buy

  • Links to purchase an ad
  • List Payment options
  • How and when will the campaign go live
  • Contact Details in case of corrections / revisions ( if you have a limitation on the number of revisions you accept – highlight that too)


5. Guidelines :

  • Acceptable ads – e.g. only family- ? , gambling / adult-content not acceptable
  • What do you need the advertiser to provide E.g. Banners – which format , Maximum file size , Banner sizes etc. ?

6. List of brands that advertise with you:

If there are any brands that advertise with you regularly, mentioning it here will give an idea of how popular your website is.

7. Testimonials:

Testimonials by your past advertisers can help instil confidence about the value offered by your website

8. Reports

If you have a way for advertisers to view their campaign performance, highlight this loud and clear. This will give them the confidence that they can calculate the ad’s ROI (Return On Investment) easily. WPAdCenter takes care of all of this seamlessly on your WordPress website – the purchase process, fulfilment and reporting as well. It creates unique logins for each advertiser , so you don’t even have to send them a report – they can just login and view it via the dashboard.

I hope these tips have been useful -did I miss any ? Leave a comment and let me know your strategy to attract more advertisers on your site.

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