A Quick Look At WP CSS Elements Generator Plugin

Add colors to your site with WP CSS Elements Generator WordPress Plugin. It will help you to make your site more vibrant.

So here’s a step-by-step guide for WP CSS Elements Generator.

Installing WP CSS Elements Generator

  • Download the file & unzip it into the plugins folder which can be found at /wordpress/wp-content/plugins.
  • Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins.
  • Activate WP CSS Elements Generator.


  • Once Installed, go to Dashboard ->Posts/Pages -> Add new and you will find WP CSS Elements Generator tab.

CSS Plugin 2

  • Create a page by entering the title and content normally and then click on WP CSS Elements Generator tab.


  • Click on this WP CSS Elements Generator tab to find all the options available.

CSS Plugin 4

  • Click on the Bubble div background color to get 7 different color variants for your site.

CSS Plugin5

  • Write in the text box about the  exciting comments, any announcement, nice tips or anything you wish to highlight in bubble on your site.

CSS Plugin 6

  • Select the orientation as per your choice by clicking the radio button.

CSS plugin 7

  • Now you need to add your Gravatar- Image which will go along with the bubble by clicking upload.

CSS Plugin 8

  • Save all the customization by clicking OK button. You are ready to go.

CSS Plugin 9

So that’s pretty much what you need to know in order to use WP CSS Element Generator effectively. If you want to beautify your site by adding colorful bubbles WP CSS Element Generator is the perfect solution.

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