All you need to know about CDN ….

All about CDNIf you have read any article recently about how to optimize your web-site’s speed, you have heard of CDN – and wondered what the hype was all about. I thought I would like to dig a little deeper and show what it is & how it can help your site – in some more detail.

So, What are CDNs?
The popular term CDN is short for content delivery network.It is a smart inter-connected system of computers available on the Internet that help provide Web content rapidly to huge number of users by simply duplicating the content on multiple servers. These serves then direct the content to users based on proximity.

How do CDNs Work?
Let‘s talk about how data flows to your on-site visitors when someone visits your WordPress site. The visitor automatically gets sent to your web hosting provider (say in GoDaddy). Your Hosting guys are probably located in some remote location!
Ideally every visitor on your website is accessing this one server to view your website.What if your hosting server experience a traffic surge? It would consume your resources, slow you loading speed and might even lead to a Server Crash! This is where a CDN comes in play. Lets Find out how…

Why you definitely need CDN on your Hosting servers ..?

(1) Cost-Effective Solutions :
Say you Sell Digital content online eBooks, online courses etc,and you get a high surge of traffic usually trying to download a large number of content of your site. You have to ensure you site is up and running no matter how many products they download any given point.

(2) Crash Resistance :
With a CDN and proper caching set-up the site load gets distributed to multiple servers instead of having 100% traffic on your site.

(3) Much Better UX :
Better connectivity increases the number of page-views and number of visitors that prefer you site to your competitor‘s. (Pssst: This means reduced Bounce Rates and better conversions!)

(4) Max your SEO-Juice!
We all know the big-daddy Google has made it absolutely clear that faster site will ensure a better search results ….obviously better Ranking for your site.

My Recommendations for an efficient CDN for you website..
WordPress definitely has a plethora of CDN plugins that can help you better optimize your Site Speed.
Although I would recommend using Clouflare CDN for your wordpress sites. It best to try their FREE Cloudflare analysis for your own site and see how you perform. Why don’t you try setting-up a Cloudflare account for your website?

CDN are used for best B2B interactions and in serving content to consumers.
Evidently more day-to-day life aspects are moving online. Hence ecommerce merchants, website developers and entrepreneurs feel the need to use reliable CDNs like Cloudflare to ensure high speed delivery of both static and dynamic content
Do feel free to drop in your views on this topicany of you using CDN ? Any success stories to share ? Or tried and failed ?

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