Boost Conversions with WordPress Promotional Bars

The success of your website is ultimately determined by how well your website converts. Subscriptions, leads, sales – these are the currencies you trade in.

But knowing your conversion goal is the easy part; actually generating those conversions is a far more difficult prospect.

Now, improving your conversion rate isn’t an exact science – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, unfortunately, which is why we aren’t all drowning in conversions. Conversion optimization is just something you’ll have to figure out for yourself, by listening to what your audience is telling you (by looking at real world data).

One popular conversion tool among WordPress users is the promotional bar, which has been gaining a lot of popularity recently.

A promotional bar is a great alternative to pop-ups, which many people feel are too intrusive – pop-ups distract visitors from your content, and many people find them just plain annoying.

Instead, you’ll see promotional bars anchored to the top of the screen. This, coupled with their bright colors, means they’re likely to be the first thing a visitor sees.

You know what that means? Promotional bars are solid converters.

However, on top of that, promotional bars don’t come with the baggage that pop-ups carry. Visitors aren’t disrupted from your content, so very few will object.

You can add a promotional bar to your website using a WordPress plugin. You might already be familiar with cool, colorful solutions like the Hello Bar, but WPEka have also released our very own Promotional Bar WordPress plugin for notification or special offers.

Whichever plugin you choose, you can customize the bar in a number of ways. The most obvious is the background color, button color, and (of course) the message.

Today, I want to help you use promotional bars on your website more effectively, with three actionable tips.

1. Drive Conversions

Because your promotional bar is positioned at the top of your website, it’s occupying primary real estate. You can’t afford to waste that space, so you need to make your promotional bar earn its keep.

The message you choose to display in the bar should always be geared towards driving conversions – whatever your conversion goal is. That means you need a compelling call to action.

Look at this screenshot, taken from the WPEka website.

WP Eka Promotional Bar

This is a good formula to follow: a short promotional message, followed by a call to action button pointing at a sales page. Coupon codes, discount alerts, and special offers are all proven to convert well.

However, bloggers can also use them as a tool for growing their list of subscribers. Many promotional bar plugins integrate with email marketing services, allowing you to embed a short opt-in form inside your bar to drive subscriptions directly.

As long as you’re using your promotional bar to add value to your business, you can’t go wrong.

2. Color Scheme

Be sure to choose your promotional bar’s colors wisely if you want to maximize conversions.

Usually, I’d tell you that all elements of your website should match your color scheme. However, in this instance, a promotional bar that blends into your website is counter-productive.

You want the bar to stand out from the rest of your website, to pull maximum attention towards it. Bright, bold, and striking colors tend to work best.

Now, I’m not saying you want to ruin your website’s aesthetics with your promotional bar. If you’ve spent time crafting a beautiful color scheme for your brand, you don’t want to undo everything with a garish promotional bar. However, if people don’t notice it, they won’t be converting.

3. A/B Testing

A conversion optimization specialist’s job is never done. Whether you’re focusing on your sales copy, pop-ups, or promotional bars, you should always consider conversion optimization to be a work-in-progress.

That means you should always be testing to see if you can improve your conversions by making small tweaks to your site. This is known as A/B testing, or split testing.

Promotional bars have the potential to convert big-time for your website, so I would always recommend A/B testing. Does a red button work better than blue? You don’t know until you’ve tried it.

Many promotional bar plugins come with A/B testing functionality built in, making it super-easy to run split tests. If you’d prefer a dedicated split testing plugin, I recommend the impressive Nelio AB Testing plugin.

Small, constant improvements to your website can steadily increase your conversion rate. In the long run, that means a healthier bottom line for your business.

Final Thoughts

Promotional bars are a great way to boost your website’s conversion rate. Anchored to the top of your website, they are highly visibile, but come without the annoying side-effects of pop-ups.

They’re an effective, user friendly conversion tool, and that’s why you’ll see them used on lots of top websites. You can install one on your website in just minutes, so why not give one a try?

Do you use promotional bars? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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