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Five popular Comments Plugins for WordPress

One of the best things about using the WordPress platform is the plugin support. You anyways get great functionality with the base system, but you can enhance it using plugins and the comment system. These WordPress plugins for comments can be such a smart way to attract visitors to check out more of your content.

User generated content provides great SEO value to a post or page. The comments’ section on any page thus becomes very important. You can choose from several plugins for managing the comments’ section on your site.

Listing out some of the best Comments Plugins for WordPress Websites:

1. Jetpack

Jetpack is a WordPress plugins for comments that boosts your self-hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of
Simple, concise stats with no additional load on your server. Previously provided by Stats.
Email subscriptions for your blog’s posts and your post’s comments.
Social networking enabled comment system.
Likes, allowing your readers to show their appreciation of your posts.
Monitor and manage your site’s activity with Notifications in your Toolbar and on
Simple, Akismet-backed contact forms.
The plugin has both paid and free versions

2. Disqus Comments

Disqus is a popular WordPress comment plugins systems. It helps you to start a fully featured discussion board on your blog.
Uses the Disqus API
Comments indexable by search engines (SEO-friendly)
Support for importing existing comments
Auto-sync (backup) of comments
Threaded comments and replies
Notifications and reply by email
Connected with a large discussion community
Increased exposure and readership
This plugin is free of cost.

3. Google Plus Comments

The stylish Google Plus comments can be seamlessly added to your blog. Now your visitors can easily leave comments to your posts using their Google Plus profile. It allows people who comment on your write-ups connect with each other through Google Plus.
This plugin in free but might charge you for extra dedicated plugins.

4. Birdo Twitter Comments

Birdo makes WordPress comments more powerful and social. It lets your users comment with a tweet, spurring the conversation and promoting your website at the same time. Birdo uses standard WordPress functions to work, so it should be compatible with most themes.
Increase the connection with your users, exploiting the hotness of Twitter. Add to WordPress the ability of tweeting your content.
Expand your audience, giving your users the chance to promote your content in their social circles.
Maximize your website exposure, putting your content under Twitter spotlights.
Birdo is a paid plugin which starts at $15.

5. Comments Evolved

Comments Evolved makes the comment section tabbed seamlessly adding tabs for Comments & More. It is easy to setup and has a very intuitive panel in the WordPress Dashboard.
Using this plugin makes it easier to reply to those that have shared the post from my site as well to either Facebook or Google+. By default, Facebook and Google+ will prompt users to submit the comment as a link to their social media accounts.

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