How To Use The Community Board WordPress Plugin

Community Board WordPress Plugin lets you build a friendly social platform for your users to interact on.

It lets your users share their views with the rest of the community.

Installing Community Board WordPress Plugin

1. Download the community_board.zip file & unzip to plugins folder located at

2.Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins


3. Activate Community Board

4. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Community Board

5. Set the title and the posts per page to be displayed here that will appear on the social wall/user wall/community board.

Community Board - Settings

6.  Create a page/post for the community board and add the shortcode as shown below –


Click on Publish and here’s how the page would look like –

Community Board - New Social Wall

7.  You can add posts to the wall or comment on the posted status by using the social wall/user wall. Here’s a preview of the social wall after some user interactions :

Community Board - Social Wall

These are the posts which admin can access from the Post located at your WordPress dashboard. Also, the comments on your posts are being stored in the post_meta in your database.

Users can also report fraud/objectionable or offensive posts/comments from the wall by clicking the red exclamation button in the post/comment box of a user. These reported posts/comments can be moderated by the admin through the Community Board -> Report tab.

Community Board - Report

So that’s pretty much what you need to know in order to use this plugin effectively. If you know of any other tips that I may have missed, do let me know by leaving a comment here.

Community Board WordPress plugin will be up & running in few simple steps.

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