Engaging Your Viewers: Adding Click To Tweet Boxes For More Shares and Traffic

You’ve probably been seeing them everywhere. You know what I mean. Those little boxes in blog posts with a short phrase and a button that says, “Tweet This”. They’ve seemed to be catching on lately and with good reason.

As I’m sure you could agree with, gaining traffic to your site is an important thing for many blog owners, and there are plenty of ways to go about doing it. One way to do is by posting to social media outlets and pulling in views from there.

However, most of us don’t have a massive reach, and even if we did, there are still others out there that we wish to attract but have no real way of doing that except on a referral basis. Well, the Click To Tweet boxes not only help engage a viewer who has managed to find a way to your blog, but they also help with that referral thing I just mentioned a second ago.

Adding these small boxes make it easy for someone to tweet about your blog post and thus expands your reach through the help of your viewers. It’s a simple, non-intrusive way to boost shares and traffic to your posts and site while still provide high-quality content to your audience.

How To Add A Click To Tweet Box To Your WordPress Post

Thankfully, adding these calls to action is quite simple. There are a few plugins out there that make it easy to integrate this function into your WordPress editor so that you can create these CTAs throughout your posts and on pages too.

My personal favorite is Click To Tweet by CoSchedule.

Get the Click To Tweet Plugin Here

Get the Click To Tweet Plugin Here

Simply download and install the plugin on your site(s), activate it, and you’ll have a new little bird symbol appear in the text editor.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.37.23 AM

See the little blue bird?

Click on the bird and enter what you would like the Tweet to say (feel free to use hashtags and @mentions). Once you do that, a shortcode will be entered in your post containing what you entered and will look something like this when it goes live:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.58.35 AM

It’s really that simple. Just remember that you have to adhere to the 140 character limit for Twitter.

Adding Click To Tweet Calls to Action Manually

Some people don’t like to use plugins where some simple code will suffice. If you prefer to go about adding a call to action twitter button that integrates into your posts, here is the code you will want to use:

You will then add this code into the Text area (not Visual) in your post editor, but it will look like this

<a href=“ This is what my #tweet will say and this is my @mention”>Tweet This</a>

Doing this will not create a box like the one shown above, but it will create a highlighted, call to action link that someone can click on and easily tweet out. It’s not as easy to do as using the above-mentioned plugin, but it’s not that hard either.

Wrapping It Up

Though it will take you a bit more time to add these Click To Tweet links and craft tweets that actually prompt those shares and retweets, it’s well worth spending the extra time doing.

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  1. Ivan Bayross

    March 22, 2015 at 10:35 am

    Hi Ariel,

    I’d always wondered how Bloggers had inserted nicely formatted Tweet boxes within their Blog content, then I reached your Blog site via a YouTube newsletter that I received.

    I enjoyed reading through your Blog post. You’ve done a terrific job of explaining how to achieve this. Your Blog post is made for an easy read and definitely added value to me.

    Thanks for sharing this information.


    Ivan Bayross


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