What to expect from WordPress in 2014?

The past years have seen a phenomenal rise in WordPress usage as a CMS, which doesn’t come as a surprise. WordPress has risen to the challenges posed by users and has generally come up trumps. The massive and vibrant WordPress community has a lot to do with its popularity. What to expect from WordPress in 2014? Probably a lot.

Responsive is the word

Users all over the world have taken to mobile devices like never before. Responsive websites have been witness to phenomenal growth. This trend is likely to continue and WordPress must meet the demands of this growing community – both from the perspective of developers and end users.

More ECommerce themes and plug-ins

Online stores are mushrooming. Many erstwhile Mom & Pop shops are converting into ecommerce shop fronts. Many of these business owners are looking for simple yet sturdy software which they can themselves manage without much assistance from technical staff. WordPress is expected to fulfill the ambitions of these small online retailers in the coming year 2014.

Themes for niche

The WordPress community is known for its diversity. There are probably over one hundred thousand active theme developers in WordPress and the tribe is growing. The trend is to create unique and niche themes addressing the concerns of a small yet popular set of WordPress users.

Creativity, better designs and more flexibility

We will witness some huge changes in the way WordPress is currently being used. There will be an infusion of creativity at the highest level resulting in much better web designs. As far as core WordPress is concerned we expect the code to become yet more flexible and meet the demand for incorporating better user interface in year 2014.

Peep into the traffic – Analytics plug-in

This is an area which has been mostly neglected. We look forward to powerful and insightful analytics plug-in in the near future. Incidentally there is a huge market for business intelligence and analytics can play a humungous role in filling the gaping hole which exists today.

Friendly neighborhood – social media bonding

Social media has bludgeoned into all areas including plain old blogging. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have inundated the entire online space. This obviously means that WordPress users must be able to incorporate social media platforms into their websites. We will witness a prodigious amount of work from theme and plug-in developers in this area. In the year 2014 we will go far beyond the existing interface between social media with WordPress sites and move to a new paradigm which as yet cannot be visualized.

More widgets, better display

Widgets may look small but play a significant role in the scheme of things. 2014 will be a year of widgets. We will see a new WordPress face emerging from the creation of widgets in the form of responsive websites.

Year 2014 is expected to be party time for WordPress. We are sure to witness another great year with lots of improvements and progress in WordPress. It will become a dominant force if it’s not already so.

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