FIFA Fever and the Mascot Connection!

I am sure most of you must have watched the not-so enthralling opening ceremony of the FIFA2014 World Cup. When most of the shouts… err performances of JLo, Pitbull and the human flower blooms left us disappointed (we were expecting the Brazilian fiesta, weren’t we?) one thing did manage to steal our hearts. The cute little Fuleco – the official Brazilian Mascot for FIFA’14 .

So what is a mascot all about?

Choosing a mascot is an intimidating task. A mascot is something that is a characteristic of your region and represents your team. For e.g. Fuleco comes with a message! A three-banded armadillo found only in Brazil is classified as endangered species. His name is an arrangement of two words ‘futebol’ (football) and ‘ecologia’ (ecology). Fuleco’s blue shell represents the sky and water of Brazil.

Phew! So much thought behind a mascot. So what’s all the gaga over a mascot?

Can it be utilized for a website as well?

Lets go back a little to the history of mascots. Initiated in France, a mascot was used to describe anything that brought good luck to a household. Popularized in 1880, it came to be in use for sports, military, school, music, Corporate… and in the Internet era, to the Websites!

More and more websites are being created everyday. Lots of businesses decide to enter the web to get more clients and make more money. To be successful on the web, one needs to stand out and connect with the audience.

Is a mascot necessary for a website?

A mascot is not necessary for a website.

But a mascot has an unique appeal that can create and nurture a friendly, personal relationship between your website and your customers. This is especially true for businesses that are primarily web-based enterprises with very little face-to-face interaction with the customers. Mascots are an excellent way to put a jolly face in front of your audience, develop positive feelings, and create a good rapport. All human beings are sentimental and this is an excellent way to reach out to them.

Do Mascots help in branding?

Yes they do!

As stated before, your mascots should be appropriate and if possible convey a message. Mascots play a very important role in branding as well. As more and more websites are being created everyday, having an attractive and memorable mascot will increase your brand recall value! It will also help in grabbing the attention of the user quickly and create a firm authority in the market!

Consider your client wants you to build a website for a restaurant or a café. You can jazz up the website better with a UI kit and a Mascot!

If you are still reading the article then I will have you covered for this (Yes for Free!). You could grab this amazing UI kit, which is apt for a Bistro, Café or a Restaurant and a cute set of 10 vectors in 100 ready made poses.

Vanilla UI Kit which comes with over 100 elements and in 6 different categories!


The Vector set of 10 characters gives you great ideas for a mascot apt for your site. It has this cute little chef posing with a plate of delicious food… and 99 other such vector images.



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    FIFA Fever and the Mascot Connection!

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