9 Most Frequently Asked WordPress Questions by Beginners

WordPress can easily make anyone’s head spin with questions if he/she is attempting to understand it for the first time. One wishes to find sources where answers to their most prominent questions can be easily found.

Therefore, we have come up with few of the most frequently asked WordPress questions, that are sure going to pop up in your head. However I will help to provide the answers to you.

1) Is there a difference between and

Ans: is a commercial website owned by an organization called Automattic which is run by Matt Mullenweg who is the founder of WordPress. basically restricts the user to install their own plugins or themes. is a software that is open source and allows you to control anything that you want to do. You will be in complete control of what you do there. is preferred choice by most of the customer.

2) How can we optimize WordPress site to improve search engine ranking?

Ans: Search engine ranking for a WordPress site is very critical to gain a large number of traffic. You can optimize your site in order to become search engines friendly and hence improve the WordPress site ranking in all major search engines. Please find the number ways below to improve the site ranking:

  • Use relevant keywords
  • Optimize website titles using Google keyword tool
  • Include meta description and rich snippets
  • Create relevant and valuable links
  • Optimize permalinks, making it user friendly

3) How Important is Google Analytics for my WordPress Blog?

Ans: Google analytics tracking is one of the most important aspects for any website or blog. This is a basic requirement, in-order to do successful marketing, you need to know where your traffic is coming from and how are people trying to finding you. With out the help of an analytics tool, it is like marketing in the dark and using assumptions to take business decisions.

Below are the things that you should know about Google Analytics.

  • It helps you to understand the source of your visitors
  • It shows how many people are visiting your site
  • It tells about what your visitors like most in your website

4) How can I drive more traffic to my WordPress site?

Ans: In order to make your website SEO friendly and get better ranking in the search engines.  Website traffic is a critical aspect to measure any websites success. The traffic that the website gets is directly propotional to the more money you can make. Hence it is important to remember that organic search traffic is one of the largest source of traffic for Websites or blogs. There are couple of steps you can follow in order to get more traffic to your site.

  • Improve your search engine ranking
  • Improve the quality of links coming in or going out of your website
  • Regularly post relevant and quality content on your site
  • Keep your site updated with information
  • Make your website navigation extremely simple and trouble free

5) What precautions to take in-order to avoid WordPress site from being hacked?

Ans: With ever increasing website attacks by hackers on WordPress websites, security has become one of the top concerns for everyone. According to the statistics 170,000 WordPress sites got hacked in 2012, and the number is continuously increasing. The developers of WordPress as well as the web hosting providers should take the ownership for such issues. However, everyone should equally take efforts to prevent the site from being hacked.

Below are some of the ways in which you can keep your website security under the check

  • Choose a reliable hosting package
  • Keep your WordPress always updated
  • Back up the database and files on regular intervals
  • Use safest and reliable WordPress themes
  • Change your username and password regularly
  • Secure the wp-config.php file
  • Limiting access to the failed login
  • Protecting .htaccess file and so on.

6) What are the steps to Improve Your Website Bounce Rate?

Ans: It is a good sign if people visit your website, stay for long and turn into useful leads. However the higher the bounce rate, worst will be the performance in terms of revenue generation. Bounce rate is nothing but the number (percentage) of visitors who enter your website and leave without seeing any pages.

Some of the aspects to improve your website bounce rate are

  • Better website User Interface and design
  • Interesting content
  • Minimum loading time
  • Use Google analytics to keep a check on the bounce rates
  • Use interesting videos and images to grab user attention

For more detailed information on “How to improve your website bounce rate” – CLICK HERE

7) How to make Your WordPress Theme Responsive?

Ans: Internet users are always evolving with new habits to surf the net. Just 20 years back we surfed internet with the help of desktop computers which were later replaced by laptops and thinner desktops, now it is easily possible to access internet on the move with the help of your smart mobile phones.

Hence now a days as website owners, it is important to give every visitor a great user experience, and for that reasons the website theme has to be responsive, as the visitor might want to reach your website through his mobile phone.

Some of the interesting statistics showing the growing importance of responsive themes:

  • 1.2 billion people access the internet daily from their mobile devices
  • Users spend 1.8 hours a day, on an average, using their mobile phone
  • 80% of mobile users use their phone while watching television
  • 41% have used their phone to browse for a product after seeing an advertisement for it on television
  • 50% of mobile users use their phone as their primary means of accessing the internet

For more detailed information on “How to make your WordPress theme responsive?” – CLICK HERE

8) How can you earn from your WordPress site?

Ans: Writing great blogs is not everyone’s cup of tea and hence it is important to understand how to monetize your website. Monetizing your blog is effectively also means monetizing your passion. Let’s see some of the ways in which you can turn your passion into profit.

There are many easy ways to monetize your blog. You may not be able to make lots of money immediately, but if your blog has attention grabbing and interesting content, then it won’t be very hard for you to earn good money soon. As it is always easier to earn money while doing one thing that you are passionate about. And just with a bit of hard work along with quality and interesting content, anyone can easily earn a lot.

Some of the steps to follow in order to earn from your WordPress site:

  • Choose your niche
  • Write your own WordPress Blog
  • Work to obtain traffic on your site
  • Join various affiliate marketing sites
  • Place ads on your websites
  • Put Infolinks on your website

For more detailed information on “Various affiliate marketing programs that you can join” – CLICK HERE

9) Where can I get good resources for my WordPress website?

Ans: Good resources are always important for your WordPress sites to flourish and grow. Therefore is it equally important to understand where can you get maximum resources and at the cheapest possible rates.

Please find the list of some of the best daily deal sites that are sure to help you with loads of freebies, web designing tools, web development tools along with other necessary tutorials.

For a more detailed Information on the above “Daily deal sites” – CLICK HERE

Hope the above mentioned answers provide you with much needed information. However please use the comment box, to let me know if you are looking for answers to anymore questions. I will be happy to help.

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