Seven Steps to Use Google AdWords for ecommerce

Google has interesting ideas for you always. When you finally grow tired of the SEO methodologies, Google lends you a service, paid of course, that helps you promote yourself in a much better way. Advertising, in its traditional form, is essential.

But for an e-commerce entrepreneur, the growing new media is the playground. And let’s face it – Google is the prime mover of internet. It is the gateway through which customers will land upon your products. Making this landing much smoother, Google comes up with a facility called Google AdWords.

Helping you put up ads that accompany search results when relevant keywords are entered, the bond between Google Adwords and ecommerce is bound to grow with mutual benefits.

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There are three simple steps to use AdWords – sign-in, create an advertisement and post it on Google. It is like submitting your ad to any website. (Fondly called a search engine, Google is also a website, remember?) But the actual process gets complex in an attempt to optimize the solutions for you.

The first step is to create an ad for your online store. Your content has to have quality, more importantly, the keywords. You can use Google’s ‘keyword planner’ for this, given your budget can accommodate this service. Google helps you in choosing ad format, the placement of the ad and several other details. Choosing the logistical parameters of your ad is essential for effectiveness.

Once you submit your ad, it is important that you cross check that the ad is placed on Google. Your engineers will tell you that without testing, no product can be said to be qualified for markets. The obvious method to check is like a user – entering keywords in Google search.

However, there are more refined ways from your AdWords account to check. It is also imperative to ensure the safety of your account and manage it well. The AdWords account gives you complete charge with options to share access and managing various settings. Checking them out, all at once, will require patience but as your requirements pop up, you will find that all the facilities are available.

A very important step is to manage your budget. Google gives you a really convenient option of paying after measuring your ad’s effectiveness. But you have to place your bid and your budget beforehand. You also have to set your goals, comparing with which, your ad’s efficiency is measured.

Measuring results can also happen from your side. Google Analytics is a facility that helps you generate vital stats – site usage, goal conversions and Return on Investment (ROI). You need to link your Google AdWords’ and Google Analytics’ accounts for this. Finally, billing is one step that needs to be done appropriately choosing the correct options. Factors like the taxes, refunds and addressing issues should be considered to complete your transactions with Google and help the ad promote you further.

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