How to conduct a successful online survey?

In the first place why do we need data at all? A good question which has several answers. The primary function of any survey is to conduct market research. In simple terms, a survey reveals purchase preferences of a target audience. They can also be used to assess effectiveness of a particular product or service. The responses enable you to incorporate changes which make your product or service better and lead to more sales.

How to create an effective questionnaire?

Surveys must be carefully worded. You must remember the  GIGO principle – Garbage in garbage out. If you don’t ask suitable questions you will never get the right answers. An effective questionnaire must focus on the end result – what do you want to achieve from the survey?

Essentially an online survey is created to discover the satisfaction level of customers visiting a site. Effective marketing strategies keep evolving over a period of time. Proper feedback mechanism is required to fine tune selling tactics. Such refinement of marketing strategies can only be carried out when you conduct online surveys and evaluate the response. In this sense, online surveys form part of an essential tool kit for marketing. Designing effective questionnaires is by itself a delicate art which needs experts and professionals from the field of human psychology.

How to choose an online survey provider?

There are numerous survey providers, both free and paid. You must be able to identify a suitable survey provider who can collect data effectively online. There are many instances where only one question is sufficient to gather information. On the other hand surveys can be quite complicated with multiple questions and several options. Check boxes, radio buttons and sliders are some options which may be used to suit specific surveys.

You must also understand the sensitivities of people taking the survey. Some may not respond to surveys simply because of security concerns. In such a scenario, you must choose survey providers who are well known for their security features and reputation.

WordPress Survey and Quiz Plugins

WordPress users are once again lucky in this respect. There are numerous WordPress surveys and quiz plug-ins which can address a vast array of research subjects. Some of these are paid while many are free. Many WordPress web masters are adept at creating surveys which act as a feedback mechanism. This kind of data collection leads to more quality traffic to the website and is perhaps the easiest way to create a dynamic and interactive site.

Importance of Data Analysis

Collecting data through online surveys is only part of the entire process. There are many ways in which you can look at the results and numerous ways to interpret the data. Effective and proper   analysis of data is required to reach suitable conclusions.


Effective data collection form online sources leads to better conception of marketing strategies. Understanding consumer behavior, their likes and dislikes and their opinion on products and services are critical to the success of an enterprise. Online surveys play a huge role in collection of data and their analysis.

SurveyFunnel is a premium online survey plugin available in the WPEka Club 

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