How To Manage Your WordPress Site On The Go

Let’s face it — we’re all busy people. Between getting the kids dressed and out the door for school, the errands that no doubt have to be done today, and having dinner on the table by 6, there is hardly enough time to breathe.

As any seasoned blog owner will tell you, running and maintaining a viable web business is no easy feat. If you’re a website owner, trying to find time to fit your website’s needs around life and other work can seem like a task too hard to handle when you’re always on the go.

As someone who can lay claim to being a rather busy person, I had to find a way to able to manage my blogs and work on the go. In doing so, I have found a number of helpful apps that have become an indispensable part of my life. If you’re looking for a way to keep up your site on-the-go, then you’ll want to check these out.

Managing Your Site(s) On-The-Go

ManageWP App

You would think that my first choice for managing a site would be the WordPress app — it’s not. If you have a site, then that app would be ideal, but the one I turn to is actually the ManageWP Mobile App.

Not only can you access all the WordPress Dashboard goodness, you can also make updates, moderate comments and create back-ups directly from your cell phone or mobile device.

In order to connect the app to your phone, you’ll need a ManageWP account (free), but that will only take a few minutes to set up. The app currently works on iSO and Android devices. It’s rather new with a couple bugs, but it’s much better than the WordPress app (strictly my opinion).

Managing User and Social Engagement


Perhaps the most important aspect of managing a website on the go is being able to successfully manage engagement when away from your computer. Thankfully, you can manage quite a bit from your smartphone.

Obvious choices for managing social media engagement on the go would be the Twitter and Facebook Pages apps, however, the one I turn to is the Buffer App. This application allows you to post to all your connected social media accounts and cuts back your time writing the same thing across your S.M. accounts.

Want to be able to access and manage your MailChimp account while out and about? Well, if you’re an iSO or Android phone user, you can. The MailChimp Mobile App allows you access to your lists, view reports, and even send out Campaigns. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

Task Management


As many will tell you, running a website has more than just doling out content. There are things to do, people to get in touch with, and the never ending train of ideas that pour from that pretty little brain of yours. Managing those ideas and tasks effectively is going to help keep your life in order.

My go-to mobile apps for this are Evernote, Wunderlist, and Asana (although I know many for prefer Trello). All my ideas and blog posts I write go into Evernote, my website to-do’s go into Wunderlist, and my important tasks that I share with a team go in Asana. The fact that I can sync all of these apps across my computer and mobile devices is a huge sanity saver — and tree saver (*wink*).

What about you guys? What apps do you like to use to manage things on-the-go? Be sure to comment below.

photo credit: ravalli1 via photopin cc

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