How To Snag Traffic From Twitter

Social Media is the new hotspot for anyone looking to get some traffic to their site that doesn’t require SEO to get it. There are so many social platforms out there, but Twitter has long held its place in the top 3 social media platforms to focus on when searching for more traffic to your blog or website.

After you’ve spent some time gaining an audience on Twitter, it can be hard to navigate the world of gaining traffic from said following.

Below are some tips to help you do just that.

Link To Your Site in Your Bio

This is an obvious one, but it shouldn’t be left off the list.

Linking back to your blog or site in your bio is a great way to allow people to go from your profile to your site without struggling to figure it out how to do that.

Don’t Be a Faceless Egg-Head

I’m not not trying to insult you here. The truth is that if you don’t use a profile image, then you’ll be assigned nothing more than that of an egg on a colored background.

These lend no helping hand to you and your hopes of gaining traffic. People like to follow up with established brands or people, and using a logo or your picture is how you establish you’re a real person/brand and can thus gain their trust.

This will help you get clicks to your site.

Use Images and Video in Your Tweets

Images, on just about every social media platform, convert better than plain text — Twitter included.

Using images, video and Gifs in your tweets can be your best friend when it comes to getting attention and snagging traffic. There are tools like Share As Image, Canva, Periscope that allow you to create images and video that can be shared to Twitter.

You can also use sites like Unsplash which contains royalty free images in order to find pictures that you can use to create a fun picture to accompany your tweet.


Retweets may seem counter-intuitive when it comes to gaining traffic to your own site due to the fact that you’re tweeting someone else’s content, but it actually works to your advantage.

Retweeting other’s content that corresponds to your profile and follower’s interests is a great way to help your audience find helpful content, plus it gets you recognized by the people whose content you’re retweeting which they’ll undoubtedly appreciate and reciprocate via following you or retweet your content and thus helping your reach on Twitter.

Change It Up a Bit

If you’re hoping to get traffic to a certain post or page, then try changing up the type of tweet your post to your profile for that post or page.

Try starting out with a picture with an inspiring quote on the image, then schedule another tweet for a little while later with a video or a different picture entirely.

Don’t Forget About Hashtags

Hashtags allow others to find tweets on topics that interest them and to help find your tweets even when they don’t follow you yet.

By using hashtags for your tweets, then you’re more likely to gain new followers and retweets to reach a larger network and gain traffic back to your site.

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Wrapping It Up

There are quite a few ways to gain traffic from Twitter and what works for others will be different for you. However, if you keep up with regular posts and using tools like CoSchedule, Buffer and/or Klout to schedule tweets as optimum times, craft informative tweets and share awesome information, then you’re going to start to see great traffic to your site.

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    How To Snag Traffic From Twitter

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