How to Update Your Social Media Accounts When You Publish a Post

Social Media replaced RSS as the most popular way for readers to get updates of new content. This is why it is so important to update your followers of your latest articles.

There are a variety of WordPress plugins and services that allow you to do this. Many of which, ironically, need to be powered by your RSS feed.

In this article, I would like to show you how you can update your social media accounts whenever you publish a new post.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

Social Networks Auto-Poster has become one of the most popular methods of publishing updates to social media accounts. The number of social media services it supports is impressive. In total, it currently supports twenty six services, including essentials such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google; as well as lesser used services such as Delicious, Plurk, and Instapaper.

The whole process is automated so that when you publish your post, your social media accounts will be updated.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

Jetpack by

Jetpack has a useful module entitled Publicize that lets you automatically publish post updates to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. It is what I use on most of my websites to publish post updates.

No configuration is necessary to use the module. All you have to do is activate the module and it will automatically update your social media accounts. You can customize the update message before you publish your post too.

Jetpack Publicize


Developed by WordPress veteran Alex King, Social will let you publish updates to Facebook and Twitter.

That’s not all the plugin can do. Social also allows Facebook comments and Twitter tweets to be pulled into your website as comments. It also enhances your comment area by allowing visitors to login and comment using their Facebook or Twitter accounts.


Social Media Auto Publish

Social Media Auto Publish allows you to publish post updates to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sadly, Google+ is not supported at the present time.

Images can be attached to post updates and you can filter items to be published based on categories or custom post types.

Social Media Auto Publish is a powerful delivery service that uses your RSS feed to deliver post updates to a range of social media services including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+.

A free account allows you to update three social media accounts from five RSS feeds. Their $9.99 per month pro plan increases this to fifteen social media accounts and fifty RSS feeds.


TwitterFeed is a free delivery service that uses your website’s RSS feed to publish post updates to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Google+ is not currently supported.

It is very simple to use. All you need to do is add your feed, link your social media account, and then decide how often you want post updates to occur.



HootSuite is well known for being a tool that allows you to check and update Twitter. What you may not know is that HootSuite can also be used to update social media accounts. It does this by checking your RSS feed frequently and then publishing updates to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

You can publish post updates to five social media accounts free of charge. Upgrading to their $8.99 pro plan allows you to update up to fifty social media profiles. Analytical reports are also provided with free and premium plans.


If This Then That

If This Then That is a versatile service that lets you do many weird and wonderful things.

One of the things it excels at is updating social media accounts. All you have to do is set up a trigger that will publish to your social media profiles whenever your RSS feed is updated.

If This Then That

I hope you have found this list of social media post updates useful. Which solution do you use? Please let us know in the comment area below.


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