How to Upload a video on YouTube directly from WordPress.

How To Record And Upload Videos on YouTube Directly From WordPress

How to Upload a video on YouTube directly from WordPress.

WordPress provides a YouTube Upload Widget. This widget can be used for uploading videos directly to your YouTube Channel and sharing the same on your WordPress blog. Visit WordPress site and download this plugin. Installation is easy. Once it is installed on your WordPress, you will notice a YouTube button next to the Add Media button.

A YouTube button appears next to the Add Media button. You can click on this button to get the YouTube video uploading interface.


Now simply create a new post. Click on the YouTube button. An interface for uploading a video will appear. Provide the title, description and keywords for the video.

Adding a title and metadescription to a YouTube video

Click the record from webcam button after filling up the above fields.

At this point you will be required to log into your YouTube account. You will have to choose a channel on which you would like to post your video. You are now prompted to grant permission to your browser for using the webcam and audio recording devices.

Once you have granted the required permission, you can directly record your video from WordPress. As you are done with recording, a url linking to this video will be created. This can be shared in your post. The video will be uploaded on YouTube directly.

Further video customization can be performed from your YouTube account. You have YouTube Cards or Annotations on your video which can be added from your YouTube account.

You can use thumbnails for your videos on your WordPress website.


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