How To Use Event Plus WordPress Plugin

Event Plus Plugin lets you create and manage events on your WordPress site. Here is a step by step guide for setting up and using Event Plus.

Installing Event Plus plugin

  • Download the file & unzip to plugins folder located at /wordpress/wp-content/plugins
  • Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins
  • Activate the Plugin

After activating the plugin, go to WordPress Dashboard -> EventPlus Events -> Event Categories.  Add new categories in order to create a new event.

Event Detail

  • Set up the Event Details – dates and timings
  • If you want to repeat any event, check the Repeat box and select the day, week, month or year as per your requirement
  • If you have set it up as a recurring event, but would like to exclude certain specific dates, check the “Exclude” checkbox and specify the dates to be excluded

Add New Event ‹ wordpress site — WordPress

Event Location Details

  • Add venue name and address
  • Click on Show Google Maps if you would like the location to be displayed using Google Maps

Organizer Contact Information

  • Enter organizer’s name, phone, and email

Event Attendees Settings

  • If you need to set the number of attendees, check on Attend limit and choose the number
  • Select currency code and Paypal payment details
  • Select PayPal Payment “Thank You Page”
  • Click on Add ticket and create a ticket – Add Type of ticket, Description, Cost and Select if tickets are limited or not

Add New Event ‹ wordpress site — WordPress

Confirmation Payment Email Template

  •     Set the subject line and type in your confirmation message

Now publish the page/post and click on settings from admin panel

In General Setting

View events

  1. Select any or create a page for Calendar from the drop down
  2. Select your options from: Default calendar view, Calendar theme, Timezone, Week starts on

Settings ‹ wordpress site — WordPress

Adding/ Editing Event

Add event date format to appear on the calendar or keep it as default.

( )

wordpress site — WordPress

User Settings

This option allows the user to add or edit the events in the calendar. This setting has options that let registered or unregistered user to create events, automatic event approval and allow registered users to comment on the event.

Click on any options as per your requirement:

  • Enable attend feature
  • Enable un-attend feature
  • Enable guest attend
  • Enable admin confirmation email, if checked then add email id in the below box
  • Allow HTML in attend email
  • Use separate template of the attend email for the each event
  • Describe Attend label button
  • Enable Attendee list on the list view

Ticketing Settings

  • Add Paypal account information
  • Enable or disable admin confirmation email, if enabled add email id in the box
  • If necessary allow HTML in payment email
  • Use separate template of the payment email for the each event
  • Add in the Paypal “Thank You” page


Enter the Pay Email section and Attend Event section.

Next section is for Formatting the color of: background and borders, font color and font size.

Last section is Adding Social Networking information to create a buzz

So that’s pretty much what you need to know to use Event Plus plugin effectively.


  1. MKWeb

    July 4, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    Getting a meesage :
    Eventplus Notice: To activate the plugin: Enter the activation data in the Activation section, then click Activate Plugin.
    But cannot find where to activate the plugin


    • Pallavi

      July 6, 2015 at 6:34 pm


      Can you please send a note at [email protected] so that we can quickly help you to sort the issue ? Thank you


  2. adeel hassan

    August 27, 2015 at 4:31 am

    I am not recieving the Email confirmation after payment through paypall??
    what can be the issue??

    and how to set sandbox payypall??
    Thanks 🙂


    • Pallavi

      September 2, 2015 at 11:09 am


      Please go to Event Plus Settings -> General -> Ticketing Settings -> Enable Admin Confirmation email – this should be checked. Also confirm that other mails are working on your site. If still it does not work then please raise at [email protected] with site details so that we can help you with this.

      To enable sandbox go to General settings and Enable Paypal Sandbox. Make sure you enter paypal sandbox id there. Hope this helps.


  3. Mike

    September 24, 2015 at 7:09 am

    Is there a way to setup free appointments? I am looking to setup meetings for webinars, where I sell on the webinar.


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