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How to use WP AdCenter plugin for an Advertisement Solution (Updated 2020)

When you want to monetize your site or blog, advertising is a primary tool. If your site earns a large amount of traffic every day, getting suitable ads for your inventories is not a big deal. There are many platforms that will provide you with ads relevant to your content. But, how to manage and control them on your site is a concern. 

This is where WPAdCenter WordPress advertising plugin comes into the picture. It is a WordPress ad management plugin that offers you total control over the ads displayed on your site.  With this WordPress banner ad plugin, you can control every aspect of display ads. You can manage the size and position of the ads. Also, you can control the rotation of the banner or display ads on your screen. This responsive WordPress ads plugin may even refresh your ads.  You can also schedule the display. 

Keeping track of the display of ads on your site needs a lot of effort. But, with WPAdCenter everything becomes easy. Install the plugin, activate it and relax! 

AdCenter download link

Here’s a step-by-step guide for WP AdCenter.


WPAdCenter Free

  1. Download the zip file from WordPress.org
  2. Log in as the WordPress Admin of your website.
  3. Navigate to Plugins > Add New to upload plugin
  4. Choose the plugin file to upload.
  5. Install & Activate the plugin.

WP AdCenter Pro Installation

WPAdCenter Pro

  1. Download the zip file from https://club.wpeka.com/my-account/
  2. Log in as the WordPress Admin of your website.
  3. Navigate to Plugins > Add New to upload plugin
  4. Choose the plugin file to upload.
  5. Install & Activate the plugin.

WPAdCenter Pro plugin requires Free WPAdCenter Plugin and Free WooCommerce Plugin installed & activated.

Getting Started With The Plugin

1. Settings

Navigate to WordPress Admin dashboard > WPAdCenter > Settings.

Here you can update General & Global script settings.


General Settings

Third-Party Advertisers (Pro) – (Enable/Disable) Enable registration of third party users as advertisers. This feature requires WooCommerce plugin to be activated.

Notifications (Pro)- (Enable/Disable) Enable to setup Automated notifications. Notification email templates can be configured from WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

Auto Refresh – (Enable/Disable) If enabled ads will be refreshed automatically on all pages

Transmission Effect – (available only if Auto Refresh is enabled) Select effect while ads are being refreshed.

Transition Delay – (available only if Auto Refresh is enabled) Specifytime in milliseconds for auto-refreshing ads.

Enable Geo Location (PRO) –

  • None – Display ads for all locations
  • Ad Zone Level – Display ads according to the location set in ad zones
  • Campaign Level – Display ads according to the location set in campaigns.



You cans set the payment settings about your PayPal & Stripe account.

  • Enable Scripts – (Enable/Disable) If enabled following added scripts will be enabled on all pages
  • Header scripts (Global) – Specify scripts to be added in a header element of all pages.
  • Body scripts (Global) – Specify scripts to be added in the body element of all pages.
  • Footer scripts (Global) – Specify scripts to be added in the footer of all pages.

2. Ad zones

Ad Zones are simply places on your website that you want to show advertising in. You can create as many as you like. For example, you might show a block of 4 banners in the sidebar, a larger banner in the header and a small banner at the end of each post – each one requires it’s own Ad Zone.

To create one, choose “Ad Zones” navigate to WordPress Dashboard > WP AdCenter > Ad Zones.

Create Ad Zones

  • Ad Zone Name – Specify a name for Ad Zone.
  • Description – This description will be displayed on the sign-up page so the user can choose the required plan accordingly.
  • Text above Ad Zone & Text below Ad Zone – Text which will be displayed above and below the Ad Zone.
  • Multiple Banners (Rows & Columns) – Select the number of horizontal & vertical adverts for Ad Zone.
  • Template – Select a template for Ad Zone from available dropdown options.
  • Auto Refresh Ads – If checked ads in this ad zone will be automatically refreshed. This option will be given preference over WP AdCenter > Settings > General > Auto Refresh.
  • Enable Advertise – Check to enable advertisements in this ad zone.
  • Default Banner – Select & upload image which will be used as the default banner for this ad zone.

Once all the changes are done click on Save Ad Zone button to save the ad zone.

3. Advertisers

Advertisers are the users whose ads are placed on single/multiple ad zones. You can see available advertisers by navigating to WordPress Dashboard > AdCenter > Advertisers. To add new advertiser go to WordPress Dashboard > Users > Add New.


Provide all required user details and select Role as Advertiser for the new user. Click on Add New User button to save the advertiser details.

4. Campaigns

A campaign is set of banners which will run in a specific Ad Zone.

To create a new campaign navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Campaigns > Add New.

Add New Campaign

  • Campaign Name – Specify name for the campaign.
  • Description – Provide description for the current campaign. This description will be showed to advertisers.
  • Advertiser – Select advertiser for this campaign from dropdown. Only approved advertisers will be available here.
  • Start Date – Date from which campaign will start.
  • End Date – Date till which campaign will run.
  • Status – (Paused / Running / Scheduled / Finished) Select status of the campaign. Only running campaigns will be active. Campaign status will change to Finished once End Date is reached.

Once all changes are confirmed click on Save Campaign button to save the campaign.

5. Banners

Banners are the actual advertisement image that will be displayed to the end-user. You can add banner under certain campaigns which will be for a certain approved advertisers.

To view all banners navigate to WordPress Dashboard > WPAdCenter > Banners. To add new banner click on Add New button.


  • Banner Name – Specify name for the banner.
  • Link URL – URL where visitor will be taken once he/she clicks on this banner.
  • Link Target – How the link will be opened upon visitor clicks on the banner
    • _blank – Opens the link in a new tab or window.
    • _self – Open the link in the current frame.
    • _parent – Opens the link in the parent frame.
    • _top – Opens the link in the top-most frame
  • Banner Type – Select type of the banner.
    • Image – Upload image as a banner.
    • External Image Link – Provide link of external image as a banner.
    • Ad Code – Provide the Ad code, which will be rendered as a advertisement.
  • Advertiser – Select the advertiser from dropdown list. Only approved advertisers will be displayed.
  • Campaign – Campaign under which this banner will be used. Only campaigns of currently selected advertiser will be displayed.
  • Ad Zone – Select Ad Zone for the banner.

Once all changes are confirmed click on the Save Banner button.

6. Packages (Pro)

If you wish to offer advertising space on your site that people can purchase online, you will need to create a package. A package is simply the deal that a person is buying. You can create a package based on Cost per Days, Cost per Impressions or Cost per Clicks.

Available packages are displayed in WPAdCenter Packages menu.

Adding a new package is as easy as adding a WooCommerce Product. To create a new package navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Products > Add New.

Ad Center Packages

  • Product Name – Specify a name for the Package.
  • Product data – AdCenter Package.
  • Regular Price – Regular price for the package.
  • Sale Price – Sale price for the package.
  • Package Type – Select type of the package
    • Cost per day – If Package Type is selected as Cost per days you can provide duration in days for which ads will be running.
    • Cost per impressions – Provide cost for a number of impressions by visitors. The impression is counted as a number of times the ad is displayed to visitors.
    • Cost per clicks – Provide cost based on a number of clicks.
  • Ad Zone – Select Ad Zone where users can place ads once this package is purchased.

After updating all the settings click on the Publish button to save the product as a Package.

7. Statistics (Pro)

You will find all the statistics available for all campaigns under this section.

  • Campaign: Select the campaign for which you want to see the statistics.
  • Start Date and End Date: Narrow the time period by selecting the range.
  • View Graph: After selecting the campaign and dates click on view graph to see the statistics for that campaign.


Clear All Statistics – To clear all the statistics. Once used all previous statistics data will be cleared till date.

8. Advertiser SignUp

Once you have created Packages with suitable Package Type & AdZone users can sign up for that package from the frontend.

To create a sign-up page use [wpadcenter_signup] shortcode and sign up form will be rendered on that page.

Sign Up Page

From this page user has to provide following details

  • Ad Zone selection List of created AdZones will be to select from. This will also work as Package selection as each package will have single AdZone selected.
  • Banner name – This name for the banner name & and the Image we upload.
  • Image – This image will be used as banner.
  • Start Date for Ad – Select date when ad should start. If future date is selected Campaign status will be Scheduled and it will change to Running once start date is reached.
  • Choose billing Model – Here package price will be displayed.
  • Campaign Name – Provide name which will be used as campaign name for advertiser.

Once the user provides all the details and clicks on the Submit button, the user will be redirected to the checkout page and will be able to complete payment similar to the WooCommerce product. As an order comes new advertiser will be created with the campaign name and provided banner.

Top Features:

AdSense Importer

With WPAdCenter plugin, you can display ads from any ad network. You can also use custom banners for each of the ad displayed. It is one of the best features of WP Adcenter

Once installed and activated the plugin. Go to WPAdCentre plugin.
Navigate to settings and go to import from Adsense.

Here you can connect to AdSense to WPAdCentre and add Token

After connecting Ad Sense account add the Token. Now your AdSense account will integrate with WP AdCenter.

You can now easily create new ads and you will get an option to import from Google AdSense.

You will see ads from your Google AdSense account displayed at the bottom of the page. Click on Load button to proceed. Now Choose  the Advertiser, Campaign, and Ad Zone And Click Save button.

You can then use this Ad as a shortcode, widget or a block and it will be live. This is how you can Add Google AdSense ad code to your WordPress site without any manual coding and automatically show Google ads.

Detailed Statistic

You can easily view stats for each campaign with the WP Adcenter plugin. It comes with a built-in feature to display statistics. The Statistics board allows you to see impressions and clicks for each campaign.
You can select a particular date range for which you what to see the clicks and empressions. It also allows you to see a graphical respresentation of this data.

Multiple AdZones & Banners

You may display ads from as many Ad Zones as you wish. Ad Zones display various the banners on your site. The Ad Zones can show one banner at a time that rotates. Or You can hold multiple banners which display at the same time. You are free to use banners of any size you like. Any AdScripts mah be display using the AdSense importer feature.

Unlimited Ad Campaigns

A campaign is a set of banners. A campaign runs within an Ad Zone. With WP Adcenter you may create as many campaigns as you like. Also, this helps you run different tests to find out the most effective. You can automate the start and end dates for your campaigns with this plugin.

Earn with Advertisements

You can earn by offering advertisers the display opportunity. They can directly buy advertising options from our site.You just have to create packages you would like to offer. This can either be time based (eg monthly) or impression based. Later, drop a shortcode into a page on your site and WP AdCenter will create a signup form for advertisers

Accept Payment Online

Also, the advertisers can pay online using Paypal IPN. Using WP Adcenter you will receive an email notification when an order is places. When the order comes and you can choose whether to accept or deny it.

Check out this video to know more about this plugin, and it’s simple operation steps.


  1. Dale

    June 10, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    We’ve gone through all the directions for setting this up on several sites after purchasing the plugin, and even though we can export the Excel files we yet been able to see any graphs for any of the campaigns.


  2. Pallavi

    June 11, 2015 at 11:02 am


    Do you mean that your are not able to see the stats graph for campaigns ? Can you please raise your issue at [email protected] along with site details and we will get back to you promptly.


  3. mykola

    September 16, 2016 at 3:49 am

    I had installed wp adcenter lite plugin and create new page and added shortcode [Ad]. but in this new page I cannot see “ad page setup”. I am seeing just word [Ad]. how to use this plugin? what is my error?pls help me .thank you. I am waiting you. Best Regards.


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