How we were turning away visitors – without even realizing it

We, at WPEka Club, were so busy in our own little developer world that we forgot to set up a Contact Form on the WPEka Club site…Pretty Dumb, huh ?

Until we got a long note from an irritated ( justifiably so) customer on Facebook who was kind enough to point it out to us.

We added a contact form rightaway and messages started pouring in immediately thereafter.

Needless to say, we are super-grateful to the customer who told us.

But it left us wondering how many visitors had been going away just because they weren’t able to reach us, to ask really simple questions.

In any case, in our next brainstorming session for new products, we debated about whether we should launch a contact form plugin for WPEka Club.

And then, around the same time, like a sign from above – we got a twitter message too from Joe.

That sealed it for us. Long story short, the contact form plugin is due for release tomorrow. Will be announced here as soon as it is.

Interestingly, after our goof-up, I dug around some popular sites and discovered that quite a few sites don’t have contact forms displayed. I am pretty sure it is by design for most sites, but in some cases, it did seem like an oversight -just like in our case. What do you think ?

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