How to Integrate Newsletters in Your Online Marketing Campaign to Boost Sales

There is no question that email marketing is considered one of the best modes of promoting your products or services.

According to a statistical analysis posted back in 2014, it was identified that the revenue generated by email marketing significantly increased by 28% in a single year.

Email marketing has the highest return on investment compared to a plethora of other online marketing strategies.

But the question here is why is email marketing considered one of the best strategies that you can employ?

email marketingWell, the answer is quite simple really; it is partially due to the fact that it has highest potential of raking in increased levels of revenue. And this is compared to content marketing, search engine optimization and advertising for paid searches along with numerous other online marketing campaigns and tactics.

Another reason why almost all businesses employ creative email marketing strategies is because it demands minimal investment compared to other mediums of enhancing brand visibility.

But the fact that it can provide your business with a high ROI is primarily due to this channel’s flexibility, which is an innate factor – especially when you talk about email newsletters.

And email newsletters can be incorporated and integrated by virtually any business irrespective of the industry it operates. Plus it can also be merged with a plethora of varying marketing plans and tactics – that is if you know what to do.

In light of this, mentioned below is a detailed account of how you can conveniently and efficiently integrate newsletter marketing in your email campaigns.

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Incorporating an Effective Newsletter Marketing Strategy

If you are concocting an email newsletter strategy, ensure that you are able to adequately and efficiently integrate it with a host of different marketing tactics as well.

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Here is how you can do that:

Provide Blog Content

provide blog contentThey primary element of running a successful online brand through your blog is to ensure that your subscribers are always satisfied. And in order to make sure they remain satisfied, you got to offer them something of value.

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So, why not provide them with a glimpse of your newest blog entry – teasing them about what they should expect and offer them different clips?

Plus, you’re going to post your entry anyways so why not also integrate your newsletter strategy, it won’t take any time. Moreover, the additional visibility will propel your blog’s traffic, attracting recurring viewing and readership.

Furthermore, and this depends on what type of automation systems you rely on – you can even link all your email drafts directly with your blogs. This will significantly minimize the amount of time that you put in creating a new email campaign.

Include all your Social Media Channels 

include social media channels in newsletters

Although this is a no brainer, it is still very important to understand that you should translucently add all your social media icons on your newsletter campaign.

For example, you can include links to your social media platform on Facebook and Twitter as well as numerous other social media networks in either the footer of the email newsletter or on the side.

However, remember that you must also integrate ‘share-opportunities’ for important content.

For instance, if you’re advertising your blog entries, you can give your readers the chance to share those entries on their own social media. And you can do the exact same thing if you’re advertising a discount deal or a big sale promotion. The bottom line is you have to ensure that there is social engagement.

Advertise your Newest Big-Ticket Content 

promote productsEventually you will start to create ‘big-ticket’ content i.e. an eBook or a whitepaper or something other than your standard content.

These big-ticket pieces of work can be used specifically for conversions, encouraging form completions as a direct resource to build-up inbound links for your search engine optimization campaign. And it could also be utilized as paid advertisements for an extra stream of revenue.

Regardless of the way you choose to utilize them, the point is, you can use email newsletters to enhance their visibility.

For example, you can provide your subscribers with a teaser – let’s say, the title of your latest piece of content weeks before you finally publish it online.

So, you have the chance to rigorously market it before even revealing it, keeping it at prominent position in all your email newsletters.

Be Sure to Make Landing Pages for all your Email Opt-ins and Boost their Visibility 

landing pagesOne of the best ways to ensure that your email marketing campaign turns out successful is to have a sizeable and quality subscriber list. And therefore, maximizing opt-ins becomes priority #1.

And the only way you can efficiently do this is by developing landing pages. Plus, you can segment them based on the geographical factors involving your subscribers or the different streams of traffic you’re successfully managing to attract.

Once you manage to create your landing pages, you can resort to the power of your search engine optimization practices to further boost their online visibility. Possibly begin to gradually earn inbound links.

And once that happens you can generate niche-keyword phrases and just relax while you starting earning more opt-ins.

Always Cross Promote Different Contests, Discount Deals and Sales

cross promotingAlways remember the fact that your promotions or discount deals shouldn’t occur once in a blue moon. Reflect on your competitors and think hard about all that you are doing to ensure that your subscribers remain loyal to you.

In light of this, have you yet given a thought to creating an interesting discount deal or a social media contest to boost your brand recognition?

If you have, then it is important that you let your email subscribers know everything about it through your email newsletter campaign.

For example, if you’re launching a new product or service, give a glimpse of some of the content about it to your subscribers. After that, prominently include some important highlights of that product in your email newsletter.

But be sure to share it with your readers first and let them know that if they want to participate, all they have to do is sign-up with you.

All in all, these are some of the best techniques you can incorporate for a more than successful integration of a well-thought out email newsletter campaign.

If you’ve some questions regarding implementing these strategies, let us know in the comments section.

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