Just for fun WordPress plugins

Just for Fun WordPress Plugins

WordPress is serious business, but there is definitely place to squeeze some fun in. We have compiled a list of 5 fun WordPress plugins for you. All work is never good. Do try these and spread some smiles…

1. Fun WordPress Plugins – Mind Reader

Mind Reader

  • There is little math to do here in this plugin.
  • Basically you just have to think about a 2 digit number. Say 63.
  • Now subtract the sum of the two digits from the number. Like 63 minus (6+3) that is 63-9=54
  • Now look up for the symbol that corresponds to this number.
  • Concentrate on this number and then click on the magic square.

You will be amazed to find out the same symbol on which you were concentrating.

2. Fun WordPress Plugins – Captcha Garb

Just for fun WordPress plugins

Enough of text captchas. Now combat spam comments by bots with this supercool captcha plugin. There are as many as 58 puzzle images to pick from. You also have an option to upload your own collection directly from the admin interface.

With Captcha Garb,throw an image captcha at the comment bots.

3. Fun WordPress Plugins – Dooodl

Just for fun WordPress plugins

Let your visitors doodle away on your site. With Doodl, a drawing board is at the disposal of your visitors. It has many colors and brushes. After some fun doodling, the visitor will also be prompted about some details and a message.

An option to view the doodle history is also available.

You absolutely have to use this plugin to see for yourself the artists that your visitors can be.

4.Fun WordPress Plugins – PlayThru CAPTCHA Replacement

Just for fun WordPress plugins

This plugin offers a huge spam blocking functionality in a very innovative way. It checks a visitor’s humanity by throwing a fun-filled animated captcha. There is a little exercise to perform in every captcha with the likes of picking and placing vegetables in the fridge from a random set of objects. This plugin functions perfectly on comments, registration as well as lost password pages.

This is one captcha that even legitimate users won’t mind. This plugin is responsive.

5. Fun Facts

Just for fun WordPress plugins

Display interesting, weird and interesting fun facts on your site with this plugin. You can easily add your own fun facts to the fact base of the plugin through the settings tab.

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