Launching a New Website? Don’t Ignore these 5 Steps


1. Set Up a Landing Page –

Create a catchy landing page. While you are not ready to go live just yet, you still can be available on your domain. Using a proper pre-launch theme will allow you to catch all the eyes. You should avoid placing an awkward signboard that simply mentions that you aren’t ready right now. Your audience deserves better than this. Tell your visitors when your site will be up and running. Also, give them a fair idea about the site – the type of content that they will get to see. What you place on this page is really important as this is what will make them look forward to your site in action.

2.Build a List –

It is never too early to start building an email list. You must prompt your visitors to share their email address with you. Let them have an idea about what to expect from your newsletters. Imagine having an email list in place to announce your site’s mega-launch.

3. Connect over Social Media –

As part of your pre-launch promotions, you must acquire social profiles for your site. Once you are present on social platforms, leave a message at your upcoming site’s landing page. Ask people to become fans or followers. Get pins, likes, shares and tweets. Hold a contest on twitter. Spend some time at your competitors social pages. Understand the kind of engagement that they have. Give your take, leave comments. This will help in driving traffic to your site.

Social platforms are also great for picking content topics. You can plan content around the keywords that your target audience is using throughout their social interactions.

4. Start Participating –

Identify a couple of good blogs where your intended audience is present. Visit these blogs and start actively participating in the discussions. You could attract a lot of people to your site by adding value to related content.

5. Create a Blog –

Each site must have a blog. You too should begin by creating a blog for your site. Blogging can be used effectively for generating and maintaining a loyal following. This contributes SEO value too. You can start by getting indexed for your keywords. A blog is a sure way of establishing your authority among your customers. This also gives you a chance to display your expertise in your area.

 Announce your site’s arrival in style with WPEka Club’s WPLaunch


  • WPLaunch is a great WordPress theme that allows you to do everything just right while launching a new website.
  • There is a stylish countdown timer to tell your visitors when exactly to expect you.
  • This theme is integrated with 6 Social Media platforms. You can begin creating your following before you are even ready with a site.
  • There is a subscription option that lets visitors enter their email addresses. This is great for building email lists.
  • The contact section allows a user to leave a message for you. With this theme, you can be reachable even if you are not ready.

WPLaunch comes as part of the WPEka Club.

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