Loads of visitors but poor sales….Hang on

Do you wonder why someone clicked on your ad (for which you were charged ! ) or reached you through organic search and then did absolutely nothing on your website? No sales. No subscription. No goal completion.
Visitors coming to your website on keywords or phrases for which you optimized and then just returning….do such occasions bother you? It can’t always be because the user did not get what he came looking for. Relevant content and your SEO or marketing efforts have driven him there. He reached your website by looking for something that he needed and your website was offering.Your first success was in getting an interested visitor to your website. Now what exactly happened at your website?
What didn’t feel right? Why didn’t you get that sale ?
Your site has perhaps not performed well on visitor engagement. Perhaps the user could not locate what he came looking for. If a visitor is not guided properly, he may feel lost. And you end up losing a potential customer by not being able to specifically cater to his requirements.He is not as acquainted with your website as you are. His attention span is also debatable. You can only have a couple of seconds to convince the visitor that he has landed on the correct page. Making the best use of the first few seconds spent on your website by a visitor is the most crucial factor in retaining him.
How do you make the best use of these first few seconds ?
The moment a visitor lands on your site, you can ask him what he has come looking for. You can get to know him better. Prompt a couple of  questions and understand the exact nature of his requirements. After gathering this information, make your best deal  or offer.
Funneling your online traffic can help you in making the best and the most relevant offers. This naturally reflects in your conversion rate.

You can equate this with someone who walks into a brick-and-mortar store – a salesperson talks to each customer and understands what they are looking for before advising them about products that best meet their requirements. An online store is no different.

Setting up surveys on your site is the best way to engage with your visitors and help them out. For WordPress websites, you can actually laser target your WordPress web visitors with a neat WordPress Survey plugin called SurveyFunnel. See an immediate improvement in conversions. Integrate easily with any major auto-responder service.

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