Tips to manage WordPress comments and avoid SPAM

For all blog owners, the work does not get over by just posting your article. The blog has to be taken good care of by regularly cleaning and updating it. One of the biggest issues that you may face as your blog gains popularity in the industry is spam comments. There are comments full of pornography, viruses and a chunk of harmful stuff. Besides, there will be many fake sites which look like they are providing back links to your site. Read about some of the tips, methods, anti-spam plugins and tricks to prevent your blog from becoming victim of these spam traps also saving your precious time and efforts.

Avoid using DoFollow links

Having Do-Follow links encourages spammers to leave such comments on your site. You can prevent all the link juice gain they want from your site by basically no-following all comment links. So, by default WordPress adds an external no-follow attribute to all blog links. Always remember, it’s all about the quality and not quantity. Get away with the Do-Follow link and if you do not have a plugin of that kind, then this step is not meant for you.

Add Captcha Verification

This method helps prevent robots and spammers from filling your blog with cluster of unwanted comments. The user has to identify a code displayed there and type it out in the text box available there before submitting their comment. This helps maintain safety and keeps away spam comments. There are chances that this may annoy your genuine commentators because, every time they wish to comment, they have to fill this Captcha. But the benefit of using this feature overlaps the latter reducing your spam comments

Get Akismet

It is one of the most useful and valuable plugin for your WordPress blog. It is installed in the WordPress site by default. But it works once you activate it and get an API key. Without an anti-spam plugin, it becomes extremely difficult to deal with those deadly creatures. Akismet marks suspicious comments as spam and pushes them away in the spam folder. There are chances of genuine comments also being considered as spam and moved into the spam folder. But, that won’t be much of an issue. You can just keep an eye on your spam folder at frequent intervals and recover the real ones.

Know who you are approving

Even if you have activated Akismet, be very careful of who and what you approve. Because, if you chose moderate once option, you have invited the spammer to fill your blog with spam. Do not blindly accept comments, assuming that since it has passed through Akismet, it may be a genuine one. Keep an eye on all the comments that come in.

Disable trackbacks completely

Out of the spam comments, a large portion of it is occupied by trackbacks. Simple trackback validation plugin for WordPress performs effective tests on all incoming trackbacks to stop that category of spam. For some of the blogs, it is not even necessary to have trackbacks, allowing you to disable the trackback system on the entire blog or an individual post. Do this and avoid some harmful spam.

De-activate comments on older posts

It is advisable to close comments on older posts. This helps to protect your blog from getting spam. You can do it very easily. Just select the number of days, articles before which will not be receiving any comments.

Blacklist the spammer

You can blacklist the spammers and prevent them from participating in your blog by using their name, email id, URL or even their IP address. You have to do nothing, but just type any data about the spammer, either name or email id in the blacklist box. You shall never see that comment in the moderation again.

Don’t be afraid to mark a comment as spam if you have a doubt about it. You risk blocking a true commentator but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Keep your WordPress site updated and clean. Do not flood it with unnecessary data to avoid spam. The brief it is, the better and interesting it will be.

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