ManageWP Plugin And Dashboard Review has quickly risen in the ranks as a place to go when you want amazing information about WordPress.

Not only do they have an amazing blog and community, ( but they also have a WordPress dashboard manager that has helped them gain recognition by some of us WordPress enthusiasts.

The ManageWP Dashboard Manager, along with its plugin, became an overnight love affair for me.

I have used it for close to a year and I have yet to find another dashboard manager that could ever replace it. However, I wanted this review to be as helpful as possible so my review will be as unbiased as it can be. (*wink*)

ManageWP Plugin and Dashboard: What It Does

ManageWP Dashboard

A Quick Look At The ManageWP Dashboard Area

The ManageWP Plugin and dashboard is a dashboard management system. What this means is that you can manage multiple WordPress sites from a single location.

With ManageWP you simply upload the ManageWP Worker plugin to all the sites that you’d like to manage, and after that, you can use the ManageWP Dashboard to control and manage just about everything on all the sites that you would normally have access to.

Below is a list of the things that you can do with ManageWP:

  • 1-Click access to Admin Dashboards, and Updates (WordPress Core, Themes, Plugins) 
  • Manual or scheduled back-ups (Scheduled back-ups come in the Professional and Business packages)
  • Run Security and performance checks
  • Add themes, posts, plugins and users
  • Clean out post revisions and spam comments

Some of the other options offered with ManageWP are the ability to Clone a site, integrate Google Analytics, SEO Analysis and Uptime Monitoring. These options are only available in the Professional and Business packages that ManageWP offers. Besides the features offered, the interface is easy to navigate and visually friendly.

ManageWP Pricing PLans

Pricing for ManageWP is pretty fair as well. Plus, the more sites that you run with ManageWP, the lower your cost per site becomes.

For example, if I ran 3 sites under the Standard pricing tier and chose the Annual billing cycle, then my cost would be $24.90 – averaging $0.69 per site with 2 months free for a whole year. If I moved that up to 5 sites with the same cycle, then the price for each site goes down to $0.66 and comes up at a total of $39.40.

Obviously the pricing for the Professional and Business packages are going to be more and have more options, but the options given in the Standard package are still pretty great.

Not sure if you’ll like it? No worries.

ManageWP offers new users a 30-day risk free trial with access to all the features that the dashboard has to offer. After that, you can decide whether or not to keep using it.

On a low budget? Then you’ll love this.

All the basic features of ManageWP are always free to use for up to 5 sites. If you’re looking for a single place to access all of your blogs to help you keep things nice and tidy, then you can still use ManageWP to do that at no charge.

ManageWP is my favorite WordPress Dashboard Manager out on the market. I use it to manage all the sites I run – both my own and my clients’ sites.

If you run multiple sites, then I suggest taking a look at the ManageWP Dashboard and Plugin to help consolidate your work flow.

Have you used this or other WordPress Dashboard Managers? Comment below. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

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  • ManageWP Plugin review

    ManageWP Plugin And Dashboard Review

    shares has quickly risen in the ranks as a place to go when you want amazing information about WordPress. Not ...
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  1. Nemanja

    April 3, 2015 at 1:44 am

    Thanks for reviewing our service, Ariel! We have a lot more in store in ManageWP Orion, a new release we’re working on. Super excited with what it will bring to the table 🙂


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