How to Attract Organic Traffic to your E-commerce Store?


How to Attract Organic Traffic to your E-commerce Store?

How to Attract Organic Traffic to your ecommerce store

Well, there is an in-built contradiction in the title. We need to create something which is supposed to be organic, to be natural. If you are not a fan of irony, you will be at the end of this. A large percentage of your e-commerce store visitors come from search engines. Entrepreneurs often put conscious efforts to move their website’s link up in the search results. If you have not applied any such trick and your link is still appearing up there, that’s precisely ‘organic traffic’. The reasons – you probably have done everything right from the onset or, the more probable case, you are plain lucky!

First and foremost, assess how popular your website is. A user would enter three types of keywords when looking for a product – the commodity name, a famous brand name for the commodity or an online store name. The third option will work only if you are an E-bay or Flipkart. If you don’t fit in, work on the first two. If you have branded stuff at your store, promote the brand name. Include it in your home page as well as on the commodity pages. Also use generic commodity names – again, both on home as well as other pages. This puts you on a double advantage.

There is always a risk of the search engine confusing and ignoring your data if you have too much stuffed on one page. Create a separate page for each commodity. You can also have an alternate brand-wise arrangement so that search gets optimized. You can also use the product name as page tag. This makes the search further optimized. Search engines are also sensitive about plagiarism, so be original with your content. Even if you have the copyright to use the manual of the product, give your own twist to the description. This also helps to create an identity for your website. But don’t forget the crucial keywords here.

Using high quality images always serves well since you are operating in a visual medium. There are other methods like sending e-mailers to establish your company name. This will help you become a brand. But this is a slow process that needs patience. For those in a hurry, get your copywriters and web designers to work immediately!

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