Why Are Retailers Spending More On Search Engine Marketing?

Smart phones and devices have made life more convenient and one of the most frequently accessed advantages is shopping. Whether you are looking to get a new t-shirt or order a laptop, choices are just a click away.

Not only do we get to browse through a huge range of product in each category, but we also get the convenience of home delivery and online payment. So, without stepping out from our homes or offices, we have things delivered to where we need.

More than half of all internet users across the globe have used their mobile devices to look out for products and services. On top of that, search volumes are exponentially increasing over the past few years.

This only makes us come to the conclusion that stepping into a ‘brick and mortar’ store has become much less likely. It is also obvious that retailers who just stick to their traditional shops are losing against the competitions and campaigns that are happening online.

It is thus a logical move for retailers to invest more in search marketing that any other platform. According to a report by Internet Retailer, global retailers are already spending more on natural search engine optimization and pay per click marketing.

In fact, 57.4% of global marketers agree that search engine marketing has been more productive that other alternatives and this includes the traditional POP campaigns, email marketing, direct mails, or affiliate marketing.

There are dozens of times in a day when every internet users picks up his phone or logs in to his desktop to search for information, products, news and local stores.

To this end, Google for long has been counseling marketers to target these “micro moments”. Marketers today need to be omnipresent to cater to this immediacy and there is no better means than an aggressive engine marketing strategy.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a popular internet marketing strategy that provides retailers the opportunity to rank at the top of search results. Now, how does one normally search for a product on Google?

If I’m looking for a smart phone in the range of US$ 150, my search query in Google would be “latest smartphones below US$ 150”. Google would display several results in a list and I am likely to check the top suggestions to take my research ahead.

Now, to be present in the top results and be the first ones to answer my queries, these businesses will need to invest in a search marketing strategy that involves SEO, analytics and much more. In return, they are to get the maximum number of leads and conversions.

What Advantages Does Search Marketing Bring?

Tens of thousands of consumers flock to the internet everyday to ultimately buy something. This makes it crucial that businesses invest in strategies that make them easier to be found.

Without search engine marketing, businesses can quickly become obsolete and it would again be important to note that money is where the internet is.

  1. 24 x 7 lead generation

Internet and its users never sleep. There are potential buyers looking for products at the very wee hours of the day and late at night. Now, if your business has  good visibility in search engines, you would be getting targeted traffic every minute of the 24 hour day. With millions of searches done everyday across the globe, being active with a provoking SEM strategy can get you a big portion of the pie!

  1. Cost effective

Compared to the conventional mediums of advertisement and showcase, search marketing proves to be quite cost effective. Since the traffic you get is much more targeted the returns are more.

Compared to the footfall in a mall and people actually shopping, ecommerce stores have a greater chance with conversions. Further, every buyer response is recorded as analytics and used to make SEM campaigns more effective.

  1. Building a brand

Having a higher rank in search engines is also a sign of your authority in the internet marketplace. When more users/customers choose you over competing businesses over and over again, you are actually building yourself a brand that would be remembered and talked about. With competition increasing everyday and new brands trying to be a part of the success, a good SEM strategy will help you stay ahead.

  1. Being competitive

If you conduct a Google search with the keywords related to your industry, the results would be showing the competitors you should be worried about. The only way to get ahead of them is to use a unique SEM strategy and also deploy other marketing tactics that will give you the status of a celebrity brand.

Now SEM is just a word that integrates a long list of different strategies. It would include SEO, social marketing, branding, paid search, PPC campaigns, content marketing and many others.

However, it’s also not a job to be done once and forgotten. Assuming that you’re the top service provider in your industry, with a newly launched SEM effort, your campaign needs to be consistently updated.

The customers of today are smarter than they have ever been. They have the tools to research the best products, find the best prices, get the best deals and utilize convenient accompanying services. SEM requires a through understanding of the market and the shifting behavior and expectations of consumers.

What’s In Store For The Future Of SEM?

Building brands is an effort that accounts from the majority of your ad spending but companies / businesses need more than a moment. At present, there are very few marketers who have the understanding or the skills that would push the SEM strategies and ensure that customer impressions are matched in the right way.

Without a strong strategy, you would have temporary success, that in the longer run can result in loses, both financial and credibility.

Finally, it’s not about spending more on “search” but allocating for your budget in the right ways. The online marketplace is huge and for the business that is focused and efficient, the returns are always encouraging.


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    Why Are Retailers Spending More On Search Engine Marketing?

    shares Smart phones and devices have made life more convenient and one of the most frequently accessed advantages is shopping. Whether ...
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