SEO: How Has It Changed and How To Change With It

SEO is a topic that never seems to be exhausted in the online world. For years, you could rise in the ranks on Google through various methods that have now been put to rest which left people scrambling to figure out just what Google wants in order for you to reach page one in the SERPs.

If you ever read any of my others posts out on the web sphere, then you probably know that I often call Google, Queen Google. Why?

Because she reminds me of the queen from Alice and Wonderland. She makes all the rules and if you don’t play by them, then it’s off with your head!

Since Google’s original algorithm update, people practicing black hat SEO tactics and trying to gain PageRank through spammy backlink methods and poor overall content got the boot and were demoted from any major standing in the SERPS.

Since then, Queen Google has been ramping up and pumping out other updates that more clearly define what she’s after:

Consistent, high quality and engaging content.

But that’s not all that matters in SEO. If you want to see results in with your SEO efforts, then you need to get with the times and move forward.

Basic Dos and Don’ts for SEO in 2015 and Beyond

Do use Keywords; Do Not stuff Keywords

Keywords are still important because they help define what your content is about. It’s important though, to not over do this. Season your post with your keywords and try to use different keywords that relate to the topic at hand.

Do Use Backlinking Strategies; Don’t Spam for Backlinks

Google still puts a rather large emphasis on Backlinks (although this doesn’t really apply to sites like Amazon or other commerce sites.) Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore the power of these, however, this is a bumpy road that can lead you to your SEO downfall.

  • Tip one: don’t buy your links. Some find decent results with this but it’s almost always too risky.
  • Tip two: guesting posting, when done right, is a great way to get a backlink to your site even if it is a no-follow link. Just make sure you’re not reaching out to people simply for the SEO advantage or they’ll virtually slap you in the face for the insult.
  • Tip three: create amazing content and reach out to others in your niche who you think your post is great and would link to it.

Do Focus On Crafting Great, Long-Form Content; Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

It’s easy to hear that you need to write a ton of great content to get better rankings, however, that’s not always true. If you want backlinks to your site, then the best way to actually get them is to craft some great long-form content that people can’t help but link to. Take Neil and Sujan Patel’s PDF Advanced Guide To SEO.

It’s a monster resource with a ton of in-depth information about how to step up your SEO game. The page has over 1,300 backlinks to it all because it is truly an amazing piece of information. (Seriously — you need to read it.) The point is that if you find the time to create this type of evergreen, unique, captivating content, then you’re one step ahead of the curve. It’s important not to lose your steam here though. Pace yourself and take the time to learn more how to craft great content.

Do Focus on People; Don’t Focus on Google

Google is still just a machine, but it’s one that wants to think and act like a human. If you create content (YouTube videos, products, infographics, blog posts, etc) that people will like, then Google is going to catch on. Getting to the top of page one is rather important, but it’s never going to happen if Google’s subjects (users) don’t like your stuff.

Create your content for people and Google will catch up.

Do Focus on PageSpeed; Don’t Obsess Over It

Yes, PageSpeed is important and you should definitely try to make your site load faster, but don’t obsess over it. If your site takes under 3 seconds to load, then you’ll be okay.

Learn how to improve your mobile site pagespeed with this complete mobile SEO guide.

Wrapping It Up

This list is small and I could write all day about SEO, but this is just to help you get on the right track. SEO is changing and will continue to change. Just be sure to change with it.

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