5 Social Customer Service Tips For Your WordPress Store

Do you have a WordPress store that sells products and services to customers? Do you have tools in place to listen to your customer queries and complaints? Do you look out for Social Customer Service Tips?

42% of customers who reach out to brands on social expect a response within 60 minutes, notes Convince & Convert.

A new study by VB Insight, on turning social media complaints into brand wins, notes that there are 2.1 million negative mentions about brands in the U.S. alone.

The Sprout Social Index: Q4 2015 notes that most retailers are failing to listen to what their audiences are actually asking for on social channels.

When it comes to social media, 83 percent of retailers are ignoring their customers’ questions, while the rest are making people wait for an average of 12 hours to get a response.

These social customer service statistics are shocking, considering that there are clear benefits to engagement, as Rosetta Consulting found. People are 7 times more likely to respond to your promotions after you interact with them in some meaningful way, and engaged customers are three times more valuable than other customers over the course of a year.

Companies that engage their customers well were 2.2 times more likely to have experienced an increase in market share in the past year. 86% of these companies also reported that they saw an increase in the previous year’s revenue.

Retailers receive more social messages during the holiday season than they do throughout the rest of the year. This year, if the same trend continues, the average retailer can expect more than 1,500 messages during the holiday season.

Do you have a plan in place to provide great customer support to your WordPress store customers? Here are 5 social customer service tips to get your WordPress store customer ready.

1. Social Customer Service Tips: Add Live Chat Support To Your Website

Want to be able to respond to your customers pre-purchase queries and issues? Install a Live Chat Support plugin on your WordPress store. There are a number of free and paid plugins that will help you add chat functionality to your store with no monthly payments or technical expertise required.

Lively Chat Support

This free live chat support plugin runs in your WordPress dashboard and has no 3rd party dependencies. It comes with Pro extensions that allow you to put the power of multiple customer service reps to work for you by adding multiple agents.

Lively Chat Support
Another extension allows you to stay in touch with the visitors on your website through SMS (text messages). The perfect solution for small business owners. “Offline Mode” works as a lead-capturing machine while you sleep. You can even customize your thank you message

Zopim Live Chat

Chat directly with your visitors through the widget and manage multiple conversations through the online Dashboard. Your customers can chat with you from any device using the mobile optimized chat widget.

Zopim Live Chat
Increase the chances of high value engagement (and sales) by using Triggers to automatically reach every visitor. The advanced analytics dashboard lets you monitor visitor flow, usage patterns, and lets you jump in whenever a customer might need help

ClickDesk Live Support

This plugin is a combo of live chat, help desk, voice and video chat and social toolbar for your WordPress website. It allows your visitors to do voice and video chat from your website directly without installing any additional hardware or software. Your agents can answer live chats, calls and tickets from the agent panel, mobile app or Google talk.

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

This plugin from CodeCanyon sells for a one-time fee of $18 and can be used on unlimited websites. It has very clean code and sends email notifications when visitor logs in chat. It also allows more than one operator to reply to the same user’s question. Visitors can fill out contact form when all operators are offline.

2. Social Customer Service Tips: Create a Separate Twitter Support Handle

Create a separate Twitter handle, such as @YourWebsite_Help and showcase it on your website. Have an agent respond to messages sent to that handle or to your website handle within minutes.

As the post here notes, having a dedicated handle can provide customers with only service updates, which is especially useful when a single published post can preemptively resolve a large number of customer queries.

Separate accounts also make it easier to track and report on the performance of each team without dilution from the activity of the other.

3. Social Customer Service Tips: Improve Your Facebook Customer Service

Sprout Social found that both Facebook and Twitter play an important role in retail brands’ overall social communications strategy.

Facebook has introduced a new icon that displays how quickly customers can expect a response from their favorite pages. Facebook’s documentation states that your page will qualify to get the icon if the admin:

  • Responded to 90% of messages
  • Maintained a median response time of 5 minutes for all replies sent

Basho Page Response

The page responsiveness icon encourages businesses to make better use of their Facebook presence, to reach out to their customers, prove their reliability and provide better customer service.

Facebook also allows Page admins to reply to comments left on their Page with private messages. This can help you respond to personal requests and handle customer-specific information more effectively.

Facebook’s “Saved Replies” feature also gives the page admin, the ability to use canned messages when communicating with potential customers.

Saved Replies

Facebook’s Local Awareness ads let your customers call you directly from the newsfeed. You can also use Facebook’s “Send Message” call-to-action button for local awareness ads to let your customers start private conversations directly from News Feed ads.

4. Social Customer Service Tips: Hold Contests For Your Fans

A great way to boost customer satisfaction and engagement during holiday season is to reward your fans by holding contests. Here are some tips for running a contest on WordPress.

These WordPress plugins make it easy to hold contests on your store.

Contests by Rewards Fuel

Contests by Rewards Fuel lets you run contests that will help you earn newsletter subscribers, Instagram and Twitter Followers, blog comments, Retweets, Facebook Likes, and more. This gives your WordPress store visitors multiple ways to enter contests and boosts social engagement and word of mouth for your store.

ContestFriend for WordPress

This plugin lets you run viral sweepstakes, contests and giveaways to grow your email list and build your network. It is integrated with Mailchimp, AWeber, CampaignMonitor and GetResponse and and lets you easily sort, filter & export email lists to Excel.

Wishpond Social Contests

Run promotional campaigns on your WordPress site that spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter and drive new customers. You can create sweepstakes, contests, promotions, landing pages and more in minutes. Get Wishpond Social Contests Pro

Wishpond Social Contests
Use one of their many responsive templates, run A/B tests, track, manage and export contest participants. If you use WP eCommerce, this integration will work well with it.

5. Social Customer Service Tips: Monitor What Your Customers Are Saying About Your Brand

Use tools like Google Alerts, Mention and Talkwalker alerts to monitor what your customers are saying, both about you and your competitors. is a free Twitter monitoring tool that sends you daily email alerts of your mentions on Twitter. SocialMention is a real-time social media search and analysis tool.

If you find any negative comments being posted about your brand, respond to them immediately and politely and try to resolve the issue that led to them being posted. If you find that some of your competitor’s customers are unhappy, you can jump into the conversation and connect with them to find out how you can help.

Did you find these social media customer service tips useful? Go ahead and apply them to provide the best customer service that your customers can get this holiday season.

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    5 Social Customer Service Tips For Your WordPress Store

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