Spread the Holiday Spirit with your WordPress Site

It’s that time of the year again! You can freely exclaim, “ho-ho-ho” and see people around smile, spreading the cheer. It is certainly not a bad idea to use your site to spread the spirit too. Depending on your site’s concept, you could pick a simple plugin that will add that extra holiday zing to your site or you could pick from a couple of choices to change the entire theme of the site.


There are quite a few plugins you can play around with to find the one that best suits your site.

POWr Holiday Countdown lets you add a countdown to the holiday of your choice. You can add a simple short-code to any post(s) on your site. You can of course, customize the text, fonts, and many other elements of the design, etc.

POWr Countdown Plugin

In the upgraded version you can lose the POWr watermarks and boost loading speeds. I can see it being used by any site that is building up to an announcement on the Holiday.

Alternately, you could add a Holiday Message in a pop-up window with a lots of bells and whistles, including falling flakes and countdowns too! This could be handy when you want to draw special attention to your announcement.

And sometimes, cheer comes from just knowing when the next holiday/long weekend would be coming up. Bring that smile to your readers by setting up a calendar that marks the holidays with The Holiday Calendar. It’s a plug-and-play widget that runs parallel to the other elements of your site and thus doesn’t slow it down.

Or you can keep it simple, cute and non-intrusive with falling flakes in the background with something like WPEka Club’s WP Merry Christmas WordPress Plugin. No extra need for attention, just a gentle reminder that festivities are around the corner.

You can use it to add Santas, bells, gifts and many more Christmassy objects to your site. You can also animate them if you want.

Christmassy objects - WPMerryChristmas


There are a few options if you’d like to go for an entire overhaul too with a change in theme. But, you should evaluate the pros and cons of changing the whole look and feel of the site.

You have a few options with the themes. I particularly liked the Cheer, Dancing in The Moonlight, and Christmas Joy themes. They change the flavor of your site and might be just the right change of scenery for your regular readers.

Holiday Spirit Themes


What you could also do is schedule a change of theme with WP Scheduled Themes. You can set-up the plugin to change the theme of your site on pre-determined dates. As a corollary if you just want to add a CSS file instead of changing the whole theme you can use WP Scheduled Styles.

A combination of the above options should set you up for the upcoming festive season. Go along and spread the cheer already!

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  • Christmassy objects - WPMerryChristmas

    Spread the Holiday Spirit with your WordPress Site

    shares It’s that time of the year again! You can freely exclaim, “ho-ho-ho” and see people around smile, spreading the cheer. ...
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