Tips To Improve WordPress Website Speed

Tips To Improve WordPress Website Speed

Speed is of an essence, especially when it concerns a website. If your page download speed is slow, you are bound to lose customers. The worst part is that you will never know about these lost opportunities. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can optimize your WordPress website speed. Here are some tips to give your website a zing.

Optimize, Optimize And Optimize

There is always a little bit more which you can do, something you can tweak which will lead to smaller file size. For example, many WordPress themes are notorious for bad coding and bulky plug-ins. You must prefer using a simpler theme which has an efficient code.
Images are a big part of the problem when it comes to WordPress Website Speed. There is always a way to optimize your site images. Can you make the images smaller without sacrificing its effect? Can you use a better format and web optimized images? Do you use an image editing software? You must answer these questions frankly and adopt ways to optimize images. This is a single factor which can lead to faster website download.
Fat web pages take more time to download. By zipping these files you can speed up the transfer of files to the user. These files can be unzipped at the user end. There are many file compression software which you can install on your server.

Caching Your Web Pages To Speed Up Your Page Download

This is a fairly common practice which yields good results. You can improve WordPress Website Speed by simply using a cache plugin. The trick is in designing static web pages which can be easily cached and delivered to the user. More the number of queries more the time taken to download. Queries should, therefore, be kept to a minimum.

Using A CDN To Improve WordPress Website Speed

This is perhaps the easiest way to speed up the download. CDN or content delivery networks, like Akamai, provide services to deliver web pages to end users from the nearest data center. The web pages are either cached or zipped or both at the server end of these providers. Whenever a request is received for loading web pages, the CDN network identifies the nearest server where the web pages are stored and delivers them speedily. You would be surprised at the change in download speed with the use of CDN.

Look At The Code Of WordPress Theme And JavaScript

The devil is in the details. Clean up your WordPress theme code and remove redundancies. The same goes for JavaScript which is notorious for its bulky code. Get rid of the extra code and automatically improve WordPress Website Speed.


Websites are often abandoned because of slow download speed. The consequences of a slow WordPress website can be fatal. Taking simple precautions by using caching tools and CDN you can improve the speed of your WordPress site.

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