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Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Insert Header And Footer

You visit a website..but you don’t see what you’re looking scroll down further, you still don’t find it…You scroll a bit more…still nothing…you go all the way down… And there it is! The link you’re looking for, in the website footer! The footer is like a safety net for your website. The Header is equally important as it introduces you to the visitors.

Responsive Theme Banner

It is said that the first impression is last. When a visitor comes to your website, the first thing they notice is the header. So, it is very important to have a catchy and informative header. The footer is often your last chance to grab your visitor’s attention.

Here we’ve made a list of the best WP plugins to add scripts to modify the header and footer of your WordPress theme. Not only that, but some themes also don’t have a header and footer, these plugins will enable you to add them as well.

Insert header and footer

WP AdCenter Pro is an Ad management plugin that lets you display both Google AdSense and Banner Ads. It lets you place the ad scripts anywhere on the website by creating as many Adzones on your website as you may like. By enabling the script you can specify the header and footer element of all the pages on your website. These scripts let you place responsive ads using a Gutenberg block or a shortcode. 

WP AdCenter is one of the best ways to modify your header & footer scripts and monetize your website when you don’t know where to start

Creative Minds - Header & Footer

CM header and footer script loader is an advanced and easy to use WordPress plugin. It allows you to replace, manage and control both header and footer scripts of your website. You may pre-load all scripts and styles in the plugin settings and also inject javascript and custom codes based on your needs.  Here are the key features of the plugin –

  •  Add an unlimited number of scripts and styles
  • Manage which scripts load on header or footer
  • Manage which scripts load of post or pages

The plugin gives you both the option to insert a code automatically or manually to your site. It improves your site load time. It is available in both free and premium versions. The pro version is available at $29.

3. Sticky Header on Scroll

Sticky Header on Scroll Insert header and footer

Sticky Header on Scroll is an easy WordPress tool to add scroll – the- fix header to your site. The customizable headers appear only when someone scrolls down. This plugin allows you to customize the height and appearance distance of the headers. Further, the plugin lets you change the background colour and opacity.

Here are the key features –

  • Dropdown menu with multi-level navigation
  • Customizable post title display
  •  Share buttons and Next post buttons

The plugin allows you to upload an image logo. Easy to change its size and colour. You may display your floating header at specific resolutions only. You may also hide the existing theme header by ID or class.

Price – $22.

4. Visual Designer

VD - Insert header and footer

Visual Designer is a simple yet modern WordPress plugin to build and edit header and footer with easy codes. Also, enables you to add dynamic fields to header and footer. There are options to use different header and footer to each page.

Here are the key features –

  • Web development widgets
  • Navigation menu
  • Device-specific styling

The plugin is easy to install and customize. The styling features allows you to match the header and footer styling with the theme you are using.

Price – $69.

Sticky Footer Nav Insert header and footer

Sticky Footer Navigation is a responsive footer manager for WordPress. It has a flexible grid system to hold your contents within the panel. Moreover, it has a set of 12-panel sizes which cover either the whole browser width or the menu width. There are features to make your footer work on hover or clicks.

Here are the key features –

  • 3 types of dropdowns – fixed width, mega & full browser width
  • Custom scrollbars within the panel
  • Left or right alignment of the menu

The plugin is responsive and has lots of style elements. It fits into any layout and sticks to the bottom of the browser.

Price – $4.

Beaver Builder insert Header Footer

Beaver Builder Header Footer is easy to use header footer builder for your website. The steps involved to create header footer are-

  1. Create a Header template
  2. Design your new header
  3. Publish your new design
  4. Choose your new design
  5. Check Design

Now that’s a simple procedure. Its latest version 1.1.2 even has sticky headers! Sticky headers and footers will remain visible as the user moves through the website.

Its only drawback is that it works with a limited number of themes as of now. Here is a list of themes that this plugin supports-

  • Beaver Builder Theme.
  • Genesis Theme (and should work with most of its child themes).
  • GeneratePress Theme
Simple insert Header Footer HTML

Its name might be simple header footer HTML, but it has some complex application. This plugin is useful when the site admin does not have PHP execution access but any HTML/CSS/JS code is safe to accept. With the help of this plugin, the user can insert custom CSS or add custom headers or some JavaScript into the site without having to edit any theme files. This plugin is designed so as to not allow the user to insert PHP code and does not contain any evil eval() calls.

Insert Header and Footer Scripts

This plugin is extremely useful for the themes that do not have an option to insert header and footer script in your site <head> or <footer>. This is done so in order to avoid theme-lock. But, it also causes problems for many. Like, adding Google Analytics code becomes difficult, or any web analytics codes for that matter. Well, fear not because Header and Footer scripts is the solution.

With this plugin, you’ll be able to inject HTML tags, JS and CSS codes to <head> and <footer> easily. You’ll be able to easily insert codes to single post and page headers, in addition to default codes.

Also, this plugin enables you to insert Google Analytics or other Web-analytics code, meta-information, CSS and JS codes to <head>. Header and Footer Scripts also enables you to insert HTML and/or JavaScript codes to the footer of your site. Good place for Clicky Web Analytics, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media script.

Header and Footer Scripts Inserter

Header and Footer Scripts Inserter is an easy to use and lightweight WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to easily insert custom scripts such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in the header or/and footer section of your website.

Adding custom scripts is a tradition for users. This plugin enables you to add without editing the files of your theme or plugin. It does so without slowing down your website. It is a simple but effective SEO plugin.

Header and Footer Scripts Inserter plugin is ready to translate (has POT files included). Its latest version 3.3 has the addition of Readme.txt file for translation contribution. As of for now, it comes in three languages, English, Polish and Russian. Also, the Ad banner is replaced by a new one in the latest update.

10. HT scripts  pro

HT Script Pro - Header Footer

HT scripts pro is a plugin that allows you to insert Javascript codes to your website’s header and footer without affecting the theme code of your website. It also lets you insert Google analytics, Facebook pixels, Custom CSS and Custom HTML. the plugin offers you the following options – 

  • Diaplay on Full website
  • Show on the Only Homepage
  • Choose for Selected Pages
  • Selected Posts Only
  • Most Traffic Generating Categories

Further, you may exclude some pages and posts as well. The plugin is beginner-friendly. It is available in both free and premium versions. The premium version is available at $10.

So, go ahead and make your website header footer unique, without much complexity. Use the above plugins to insert header and footer scripts in your WordPress theme and make your website more informative.

If you know more such plugins, please share with us by commenting below 🙂

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  1. Ravi Singh

    May 3, 2021 at 11:14 am

    These headers and footer plugins are good to use, I have used 3 of them and all are working properly. Subscribed your blog.


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