Transparency: A Rising Trend in the WordPress Community

Have you ever thought about how spiders get such a bad rap?

I mean, sure, those TV documentaries where they show close-ups of a spider its multiple little eyes crawling across the jungle floor are kind of intriguing, but *shudder*…

There is just something about them that most people despise. (Myself included.)

While spiders are okay to view on a screen or from behind a glass, I could be money that if some dropped a tarantula in the lap of Hulk Hogan, even he would scream like a little princess.

So what does spider have to do with transparency?

Well, because online transparency can be a bit like this situation.

It’s nice to see when everyone else is doing it, but when the idea of becoming fully transparent online drops in your lap, the idea can easily make more than a few scream in fear like a prissy little girl.

Being transparent online is probably one of the most terrifying choices a blogger or business has to face. When you open up to the world of the internet and bare all your faults and wins, there is going to be a lot of trolls out there ready to squash your pride and work like a bug. (Pun intended.)

But even with this terrifying option, there are more than a few that have fully embraced it and reaped many good things from it.

And lately, transparency has taken an upward swing in the WP Nation.

Transparency: A Lovely Trend in WordPress

If you’ve been keeping up to date with some of the most popular blogs, then you’ve likely noticed that some of them have started publishing transparency reports.

As of late, the most notable of these has been the ones by CodeinWP and WP Rocket.

CodeinWP Transparency Reports

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.09.30 PM

As a reader of this blog and someone who uses themes and plugins by ThemeIsle (a sister site to CodeinWP), reading these posts has been a delight.

Ionut published the first one in May of 2015 and has kept the ball rollin’ every month since.

Why would he publish these?

Simply put:

I believe in transparency in business. ~ Source

Ionut’s posts about all the cogs and gears about how they’ve made money from their theme shop, what they’ve done to build revenue, the ups and downs of the business and many things like that.

His honesty and presenting of the his online brands are meticulous, intriguing, and amazing to read.

You can read more about them by clicking the image above.

WP Rocket

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 2.10.20 PM

The transparency reports on WP Rocket are simply wonderful.

There is so much revealed through this reports that the stating they bare all is pretty accurate.

My favorite addition to their report is the “Support/Happiness” report. This is one of those things that could be very scary to share with the world — especially if things take a downhill turn.

But WP Rocket shows no fear and braves the wild side by including it in their report. They don’t fluff the bad stuff either. When more support tickets arise, they address it in their report.

Being See-Through: A (kind of scary) Way To Build Trust

Though it can be terrifying to strip away the aesthetics and show the world what is going on at the heart of your business, it’s clear that this type of transparency are a great way to build trust.

Let’s face it — the internet can be cruel.

It’s easy for people and businesses to get thrashed online whether they openly show the world their stripes or hide them. However, reports like these tend to win people over and build trust in their brand.

These guys, they zebra up the place and own their stripes which is very refreshing in a world of businesses who only care about saving face and cashing in.

What’s your take on transparency? Is it good for business or bad?

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    Transparency: A Rising Trend in the WordPress Community

    shares Have you ever thought about how spiders get such a bad rap? I mean, sure, those TV documentaries where they ...
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