Twitter Moments: What’s in there for businesses?

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has taken over the world, with around 310 million monthly active users today. Twitter, a microblogging site, and a social networking giant has become a hub to connect, interact, and follow friends, celebrities, businesses, and world leaders.

Popularly known as ‘the SMS of the internet’, till now, Twitter with its hashtags, personalized videos, and fast customer-business interactions was still limited to blogging and news, until the company made open the Twitter Moments to all this September.

Today, we will be taking a dive into understanding what Twitter Moments are and how can a business take advantage of it.

What are Twitter Moments?

Simply put in words, Twitter Moments is a freely available feature by Twitter that lets you present your curated story in a new and dynamic way. It gives you space to show to the world the best of your tweets customized by you on a single page. The feature was launched in October 2015 to limited partners and was opened for public in September 2016.

twitter moments

Twitter Moments is a powerful tool, as it allows you to create a personalized story by selecting tweets that you like the most. This combines photographs, text, and videos. This way, you get a chance to present what you feel is important and relevant avoiding all the pointless babble. This, in fact, is a great opportunity for promoting your business by creating a Twitter Moment.

Excited to read how you can make your own Twitter Moment? It is as simple as making a hot cup of coffee using an automated coffee machine!

How to Create Twitter Moments in Three Simple Steps?

Creating Twitter Moments is not just simple, it is funny. With a couple of clicks, you will be able to make a unique story with a combination of tweets. With a little more practice and playing around you will be an expert super story teller using Twitter Moments.

Step 01. Knock, Knock! Are you on Twitter?

To use Twitter Moments, you have to have a Twitter account. By filling up a registration form, you can create your personal or your company’s official Twitter account.

twitter signup form

After creating an account, the first thing you should do is follow Twitterati from your niche and your prospective customers, especially well-connected Twitterati.

You should tweet using appropriate and creative hashtags to attract a wider audience to establish yourself on Twitter before going to create a Twitter Moment.

Step 02. Create a New Twitter Moment

On your profile, if you are using a desktop version of Twitter, you will see Moments button. On the mobile version you’ll see a lighting icon.

Click on the Profile Icon and then on click on ‘Moments’. Next click on ‘Create new moment’ link that appears in the subsequent window.

create a moment

This will open the Moment creator tool in a new window. Here you will need to add a title, description and cover image for your Moment.

twitter moments creator tool

You will need to carefully choose an attractive title and a summary of the Moment in the description that should give a clear idea about the story to your readers.

An attractive story cover image always helps a lot in retaining readers, as an image speaks a thousand words.

Step 03. Enrich and Improve Your Twitter Moment

Once you have created a Twitter Moment, you have to pull content to complete the story you started.

Twitter recommends using steady high-quality images, GIF images, vines, and short videos.

You can use your tweets, your favorite tweets, tweets by your friends, viral tweets by others to complete your story.

How to Promote Business using Twitter Moments?

Since the release of the feature on Twitter, many businesses have used Twitter Moments for promotion. This is a classic case of real-time marketing. As Claudine Collins (Managing Director UK, Mediacom) puts it, with Twitter Moments:

“Twitter has brought real time to the fore and means that marketers and brands can see immediately if something has worked or not. That kind of immediate feedback means we can make real-time decisions to improve, change or stop or marketing activity whilst something is still running rather than retrospectively changing our approach.”

Real-time marketing is based on trends and prompt feedback from customers and clients. In short, in real-time marketing, there is no hard schedule of marketing and decision-making is highly flexible, oriented towards increasing profit by reducing marketing costs.

David Scotts, best-selling author on real-time marketing calls this concept ‘brand journalism’ because every brand should be acting like a publisher, like a journalism site.

For instance, Infosys, India’s leading software corporation is using Twitter Moments at the moment on their collaboration and presence at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 event at #InfosysAtOOW 2016.

Twitter Moments is not just limited to businesses, world leaders such as American presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have been using Twitter Moments for self-promotion giving a detailed picture of what is happening during the electoral debates and so on.

twitter moments hillary clinton

Creating a Twitter Moment seems an easy task but creating a Moment for businesses may sometimes get tricky. To attract a wider audience, to promote your business, and to retain your audience you have to play it smart.

After going through several articles and blogs, especially posted by the Twitter team, here I have compiled a set of guidelines for creating effective Twitter Moments for business promotion and real-time marketing.

Twitter Moments for Businesses in Seven Smart Ways

#01. Grab the moment for Twitter Moment

The reach of your Twitter Moments will be the highest if the Moment is connected through breaking news or highly followed content. Therefore, timing your Twitter Moment is quintessential for business promotion.


The best way to do this is by observing trending news and hashtags, and use them in your Twitter Moment.

If there is breaking news, such as the launch of a much-awaited product, Twitter Moment is the best tool available around.

#02. Recycle tweets for best of the Moments

Many times it happens that even your best tweets do not get the expected response just because there are thousands of people tweeting at the same time.

Recycling your best tweets for creating a new Twitter Moment is a smart way of business promotion. It gives you extra advantage of showcasing your best tweets together, giving them a new life and expected response, making an alluring story.

This could be a recap or roundup story. Such composite stories are a useful resource for people interested in your business. The only thing to keep in mind with such Moments is to keep them short and concise.

#03. Showcase your product in action

Your product in action Twitter Moments makes a very interesting read. You can create a story on demo of your product in action or probably showcase success stories.

There could be unconventional ways in which users are using your product. Showcasing this in a Moment gives your product a more personalized and customizable approach. For creating such Twitter Moments, you can use short videos along with a pictorial step-by-step guide.

For instance, this July Oreo cookie came up with a mysterious Wonder Vault campaign where they used a series of tweets to create a Twitter Moment trending #WonderVault. This was followed by hundreds of users visiting Oreo’s Wonder Vault and tweeting about it, promoting the company’s business.


#04. Trend and use trending hashtags

Using trending hashtags in your tweets and Moment make your Moments discoverable and in a way, more visible on Twitter.
If there is a trending hashtag related to your business, you can use it in your tweets and Moment. By sharing this Moment in a tweet with the same hashtag enters the Moment in the trending hashtag list, making the Moment easily accessible.

You can also ask users to trend a hashtag related to your business and then compile a story out of the most influential tweets of users. With this, you can leverage your business’s social proof.

#05. Make the Moment your cover Tweet

Your tweet or Moment may have a short lifespan since Twitter receives thousands of tweets a day. Your Moment may not adhere to one point and may just float away in the endless sea of tweets.

To make sure that your Moment is visible to many, you can pin the Moment to your profile. By this, anyone visiting your profile sees the Moment first followed by your latest tweets. This necessarily increases the lifespan of your Moment.

#06. Showcase your best in real-time

Twitter Moment is best for showcasing your business growth and success, and upcoming product launch.

Tesla the famous electric motor company revealed its first–of-its-kind solar roof yesterday as a public event as well as through Twitter Moments with a tagline the future is looking bright.

#07. Share on blogs and websites

Last but not the least, sharing the Twitter Moments on other social platforms, websites and blogs help a lot promote your Moment and thereby helping business promotion. To stand apart in the virtual world, it’s always a good idea to spread the word using as many media as you can.

In a nutshell, Twitter Moments is definitely a helpful tool for business promotion. With a proper management and organization, it can really leverage your business. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, make a Twitter Moment, and showcase the world how do you live your moment!

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