Twoople—The Live Chat Plugin To Make Life Easier

Staying connected with your online viewers and customers is an important part of any online business. However, it can be hard to give that personal touch to someone when you don’t see them or handle things face to face.

One way around that is to start implementing a Live Chat option on your website. There are plenty of reasons to do this:

  • It makes you easily accessible to your viewers
  • It’s great for customer service
  • It can help you build your reputation as a great overall company

Many popular websites like WP Engine, for instance, use Live Chat options on their site to quickly and easily connect with their customers to help answer questions and solve issues. Therefore, depending on the kind of website or business you run, it can be a great idea to start using Live Chat options on your WordPress site.

Twoople—The Live Chat Service That Is Taking Things Further

The Twoople (pronounced “two-pull”) Live Chat Service and WordPress plugin has a lot to offer as far Live Chat Services go. One of the nicest features about it is that, for the time being, using the service and plugin is entirely free.

After giving the service a full test, I was very impressed by what it did. Getting started with Twoople is very easy. Simply visit their site and create your Personal Twoople URL, create a password and enter your email address. After you’ve confirmed that you signed up, you now have access to your Twoople Dashboard that acts as your Live Chat Hub for answering whatever chats come your way.

You can update your profile so that it represents your company or product and the interface of the dashboard makes it easy to see who has been chatting with you and who you may have missed along the way so that you don’t lose track of customers reaching out to you.

The Twoople WordPress Plugin and Mobile Phone App

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.15.27 AM

Get the Twoople WordPress Plugin Here

This is where Twoople really takes things up a notch.

The company created a WordPress plugin that you can quickly setup and implement on your WordPress powered site. After you install and activate it, there is a new menu item that will appear in your WP Dashboard called Twoople Widget. Click there to get to the settings area for the plugin.

Enter your Twoople URL (if you didn’t sign up for one yet, then you’ll need to go to their site and create your free account) and change how the chat widget will appear by picking from the few appearance options that are available. Save your changes, and your site is now setup with Twoople’s Live Chat Service. Now you web viewers can quickly reach out to you!

Another great feature that Twoople has is their iPhone and Android Mobile Application. Using this App, you can take Twoople with you anywhere so that you can quickly respond to any chats that come your way while on-the-go.

You can use Twoople to connect with more than just your online customers. Thanks to the PURL (Personal URL) that you’re assigned, you can give anyone your URL to give them fast access to you at any time of day.

If you’re looking for a free but amazing Live Chat service for your WordPress site, then Twoople may just be the answer to you’ve been waiting for. Be sure to check them out today and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Virgil

    February 27, 2015 at 11:13 pm

    Thanks for your informative post. You cover the features and benefits of this plugin really well. Can definitely see value – especially with the mobile notification.


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