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For many small businesses, getting started with search engine optimization means spending a lot of cash. But tools such as Upcity were built precisely to bring SEO costs down for businesses. Upcity – originally DIY SEO – is a handy tool that quickly gets you started in the world of SEO. SEO Software provides everything you need to optimize your onsite SEO in one place.

By and large, Upcity is still true to its roots – a do-it-yourself SEO tool that provides a step-by-step path to getting up and running in the SEO world. It’s an effective tool that gives you a personalized course of action for establishing a solid online presence.

This SEO Software Review takes a closer look at how Upcity works.

SEO Software- How It Works

SEO Software_setup

Upcity, SEO Software is a premium tool with four pricing tiers:

  • Small Business Basic at $39 per month
  • Agency Pro at $99 per month
  • Agency Proplus at $249 per month
  • Enterprise (price determined by needs).
  • The first three tiers offer a 15-day trial period to get a feel for how the service works.

Based on their pricing structure, it’s clear that Upcity tries to cater to every business size.

To start a campaign, you supply some basic info about:

  • Your business
  • Website
  • The industry or business category you’re dealing in
  • Your closest competitors.
  • You also provide your top keywords and the tool will generate reporting metrics as you proceed.

This info is important for personalizing your experience with Upcity.

The Campaign Dashboard

?Once you’ve setup your account details and chosen your top keywords, you then proceed to your campaign dashboard. The dashboard displays frequently updated info about your

  • Current rankings
  • SEO metrics
  • The number of backlinks your website has gained

Also, on hand are a range of top blog posts to help you keep up to date with the latest online marketing news. It also displays recent alerts for your latest organic rankings as per your target keywords. If you need expert marketing advice, it’s just a click away. Simply hit the Ask the Expert button and you’ll get advice from a marketing professional.


Just below the Ask the Expert button is the Progress Overview for various action points displayed as tasks and split into 5 focus areas. This is your entire action plan laid out in a to-do-list style. It’s a pretty intelligent way to get things done quickly and easily. You check off one item at a time as you complete them. To ensure high efficiency, Upcity provides a handy time-to-completion metric (estimated) for each task.

The focus areas:

Optimize Your Presence – This part entails the basic tasks for establishing your online presence.

SEO Software_optimize

Manage your Reputation – This part is where you get customers involved through reviews, endorsements, and so forth. You want to ensure that your reputation with customers is squeaky clean and trustworthy.

SEO Software_reputation

Become an Authority – You share tips and knowledge through blogging, networking, and sharing on social media. You provide content that is useful to potential and existing customers.

SEO Software_authority

Convert – The previous tasks were mainly geared towards increasing your visibility (traffic). Now it’s time to convert that traffic into leads and actual sales.

Convert-SEO Software

Retain and Grow – Once you’ve acquired customers and convinced them to purchase, how do you make them come back? You do that by staying one step ahead of your customers.

SEO Software_retain


Upcity generates a series of report summaries that let you digest various details of your campaign with ease. The SEO Report Card is the main report summary. The interface is simple and easy to read, with a graphical breakdown of various metrics including your rankings in

  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engines
  • The number of backlinks
  • A final score.

If you’re doing SEO work for clients, the report summaries are a great way to show your progress vs. what you still need to do.

Wrapping Up

With an approachable interface and an intuitive step-by-step action plan, Upcity is a pretty simple tool to use and provides beginners with an easy entry into the SEO world. With this SEO Software, you lay out a firm foundation for building a solid online presence.

What tools are you currently using to build organic traffic?

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