Using RSS Feeds In WordPress

What is RSS?

RSS is Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is a very convenient option with which a user can keep track of all of his favorite sites at a single place. The idea behind RSS is very similar to that of bookmarking. Bookmarking in its own right is a huge help, but RSS is a drastic improvement. You are required to check for updates over all the sites on your Bookmarks list or bar. Can you imagine visiting the  same site multiple times only to realize that there was no change or update at all  since the last time you visited? Would you not have been really appreciative if you had more knowledge about the status of the site and if you din’t have to visit it to actually know. With RSS in place, this is never a problem. RSS pours all the news into your news feed.

How can you subscribe to RSS feeds?

You can subscribe simply by clicking on the RSS feed symbol provided on a web page. Alternatively orange buttons saying RSS or XML also denote RSS feed subscription at many sites. Once you subscribe to feeds, you need a Reader program to fetch these feeds. RSS reader  is dependent upon the underlying operating systems. There are quite a few options to choose from.

RSS is good for Readers

There are occasions when you wish to stay posted with updates made to a web page or post of your interest. But you may not be interested in subscribing to the page/post’s list at the same time. In such scenarios, RSS is a great technology. There is no need for you to subscribe. There is also no need to share your email address. You can simply subscribe to the RSS. These updates are delivered to a program called an RSS reader. An RSS reader app like FeedDemon or Newsgator behave like email programs but for feeds. All the RSS feeds that a reader subscribes to are listed here. Several add-ons are available for browsers to add and maintain the RSS subscription functionality.

RSS is good for Publishers

As a content publisher, you surely wish your content to be read and shared. RSS feeds greatly facilitate the sharing of content. Automated sharing over platforms like twitter also becomes easily possible. Your content is bound to reach a user as there is no spam filter bothering you as it does in the case of email update opt-ins. A reader can now have access to your content even when he is offline. A user is more likely to subscribe than he is to signup as he may have his share of concerns about sharing his email address. Your content will drive the reader to your site anyway. Using RSS allows a publisher to build a sincere following.

Can you use RSS feeds in WordPress?

WordPress supports RSS. In WordPress, RSS feeds are automatically published for all content and comments. However you can customize these feeds to suit you.

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    Using RSS Feeds In WordPress

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