5 Reasons Why Each Business must use Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing can go a very long way in gaining traction for your products or services.

Listing out the top 5 reasons why each business must use Social Media Marketing –

1. Better visibility –

You do realise that a high percentage of your web traffic is present on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Flickr to name a few. When most of your web traffic is present on these social networking sites, does it not make perfect sense that your brand or services should be present here too. Any online marketing activity aims to gain more exposure for your business.

The underlying principle is very simple here – Better Visibility – Better Clickthrough – Better Conversions. Social Media Marketing achieves lots of visibility for your business. Simply being in the “like” list on a person’s Facebook profile could get you noticed.

2. Increased traffic –

Content marketers have always stressed on the fact that effective content promotion must always follow effective content creation. Without proper promotion, some very educating and useful content too will fail to get its due credit. Sharing news about new articles and posts on social media gets more traffic to your site.

You could also notify a subscriber through an email – You might be doing this already – however, it is not very likely that a user will use your link in the mail to reach your content. However, just tweeting the link will get you more traffic as tweets come in handier.

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3. Gain market intelligence –

Social Media Marketing lets you gain meaningful marketing insights. It is a very critical marketing exercise to understand how your customers are connecting and responding to your products and services. Social Media provides a great feedback mechanism for your business.

4. Develop loyal fans –

Social Media Marketing allows you to engage with your customers. Unlike other means of advertising, social media marketing offers a dialog with the audience. You share a message and then your clients / following respond to it. This user generated content makes this engagement all the more valuable. This contributes to your search engine optimization efforts too.

5. Generate leads –

Surveys suggest that more than 75% people will go in for buying a product when they hear positive reviews about it through their friends and family. For a business, this means gaining a lead through an existing customer. Simply put, you just got a customer through word of mouth. Social Media Marketing, at its very core, is the word of mouth publicity. Positive feedback almost always means more customers. With a proper social media marketing strategy in place, your existing customers can earn more customers for you through their social media connections.

Additional Reading:

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