WordPress 3.8 Release: What Does It Have To Offer?

WordPress Version 3.8 named “Parker” was made available for downloading or updating on 12th December.The latest WordPress version requires a manual upgrade. You need to log into your dashboard and hit the “Upgrade” option. A precaution that you must exercise before going in for the update is to back-up your files and your database.

While the changes introduced in the 3.7 WordPress release were very subtle,version 3.8 has incorporated a lot of obvious updates.This latest version claims to replace a lot of grey from the dashboard and has introduced a bolder,bigger and a lot more colorful design.



Refined contrast- Superior contrast supported by this version makes reading and navigation really easy.

The new design is highly responsive- A very comfortable and usable smartphone/tablet view becomes possible with this upgrade. Flat design style has been incorporated throughout. The latest version has been highly adaptive to facilitate smooth experiences on all devices.

The default font has now been set as Open Sans- The platform looks very clear with this change. The text looks a lot simpler and friendly.

The user can now choose from 8 colors for the administration panel.

Refined theme management- All the available themes can now be surveyed very conveniently from the new themes screen.

Better widget experience- The widgets screen can now be streamlined to allow an easy widget management.

A new magazine theme- A bold Twenty Fourteen Theme has been introduced. Grid or slider view option is available for content to be displayed   .

So far the latest version release has received mixed responses from the WordPress community. While some are simply loving it while others can’t help complaining.
Have you upgraded to the latest version? Please share your experience with the latest release in the comments.

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