Here comes the long awaited WordPress 3.9 Update!

The all new long awaited WordPress 3.9 has been released, but has it been able to become the show stopper yet? Lets find out…

The WordPress 3.9 “smith” is named in the honor of Jazz Musician “Jimmy Smith” and there have been great expectations with the release of this version. This new update is expected to bring about number of refinements that would make the life of users more comfortable by providing best editing enhancements.

Let’s take a look at some of the new features in the new WordPress 3.9:

  • Improved Visual Editing – It is now become a simple to use copy and paste function to paste visuals in the visual editor, without having to worry about the styling part. And there is also a marked difference with increase in speed, accessibility as well as mobile support.
  • Edit your Images easily – The access to the tools such as crop and rotation tools have been made more easier in order to edit the images simultaneously while editing posts. It is become possible to scale images directly in the editor to make them into right fit, a great tool for everyone.
  • Drag and Drop Images – Uploading the images in WordPress was never so easy, Simply drag and drop the images in the editor that you would like to upload.
  • Gallery display of Images –  The gallery display beautiful grid of images right in the editor similar to how they can be seen on your published post.
  • More audio and video – Similar to the galleries, WordPress have expanded upon this concept by adding an option for playlists for audio and video files. It works in the exact same way as adding photographs to a gallery. If you upload audio or video, you will see a new option to create a playlist.
  • Customized widgets – It is possible in WordPress 3.9 to manage and preview live and save them once you are ready, the new header image tool will help you in uploading, cropping and managing header images, while customizing the theme.
  • Superb look of the new theme Browser – Browsing themes on WordPress is made easier than before. Now everyone will be able to browse straight from their dashboard with an improved user interface and also preview the theme in customizer view.

So before we have the WordPress 4.0 out in the market, go ahead and update this latest WordPress 3.9 and share your experiences with us.

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  1. Track Philosopher

    April 19, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    I downloaded the new 3.9 and used it for while but now I can’t get the “Text color tint editor” to appear to allow me to use color codes like #005100 or use the visual color system to tweak colors.
    Is there a new button or did they do away with this editing option? Help


    • Shantanu

      April 29, 2014 at 11:03 am

      A lot of users are also reporting of similar issues with visual editor. You can try the below mentioned steps

      1 – Deactivate all your plugins
      2 – Switch back to your default theme
      3 – Empty your browser cache manually

      Hope these were helpful, other wise you can diagnose Java Script errors in your browser.

      Apologies for a delayed reply.


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