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ManageWP quickly rose in popularity after creating and replying its Dashboard Manager and corresponding plugin. However, fewer know that the company has an additional site called where users and approved contributors can add and discover amazing WordPress related content from all over the web.

At the end of last year, the team at ManageWP banded together to create a great resource for finding the best Plugins in the WordPress market and for shining light on the creators of the plugins for there.

The New Plugins Discovery Tool on

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This isn’t your average search tool when it comes to finding a plugin for your WordPress site. With hundreds of plugins added to the internet and WordPress Plugin Repository every day, it’s hard to find one that is actually worth using. Even harder than that is the authors for those plugins getting the exposure and credit they likely deserve.

That is where the Discovery Tool steps in.

Unlike, where themes and plugins alike can get lost in the shuffle, the plugins section on highlights the best free plugins out on the market for the week while highlighting the plugin creator — see what I mean about credit where credit is due?

There is a lot of technical stuff that went into creating this tool, but the end result is pretty awesome. Using a metric system they built themselves, ManageWP analyzes the stats on the plugins in the WP repository and scores them based off of the quality of the plugins (based on WP Compatibility, Support and more), the download growth, and the user rating from the previous week. This measurement is tallied up and then the score along with the download total and thus the rank for the plugin is decided and moves up or down the list.

Finding a plugin in a certain category is made easy as the categories are placed at the top of the window, but ManageWP takes that even further. Once you find a plugin that is interesting enough to click on, you are taken to the Plugin Details area for it where you can see who created, analyze the metrics that got them the quality score, downloads, awards, and more deals on the plugin itself.

The Awards given to a plugin is sure to be especially exciting to the author who probably wouldn’t have seen any recognition for his/her great product otherwise.

Want to compare two plugins? There’s a tool for that, as well!

In the Compare Plugins tab, you can enter the name of one plugin and under that, you can enter the name of the other and hit the Compare button that pops up. After that, you will be able to compare the metrics analyzed in each one to help you figure out which one you may prefer to use.

Wrapping It Up

The Plugin Discovery Tool on ManageWP is rather new, but it has giving back to the WordPress community as its fundamental goal — one that it is succeeding at.

Not only is the interface much cleaner than the one that you would find at, but you are able to view a plugin’s quality so that you’re not left guessing, hoping, and praying that you’re using something that will pay off.

If you have given (free) a tour then be sure to check it out, and don’t forget to take a look at the new plugin tool while you’re there.

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