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Ignorantia juris non excusat – Latin for “you can’t use ‘ignorance’ as an excuse to relieve yourself from any law you might have broken” – that’s a legal principle. And a good one at that, you don’t want a thief to get away with your laptop because he didn’t know stealing was a crime, right?

Unfortunately, same principle applies to blog-related disclosures, disclaimers, terms and conditions and so on. Especially, if yours is a merchant blog which uses online payments or you are using affiliate partnerships as a revenue model. Google too, has compliance requirements if you are using Google AdSense and such products.

Many a time we don’t know about these requirements as bloggers or even as WP developers. Even if we do know, we are never too sure how to go about it. Fortunately, plugins like Privacy Policy Generator WordPress Plugin – WPLegalPages Pro for setting privacy policy on blogs come to our rescue. It is a one-stop shop for setting up legal pages on all the blogs we deal with.

WP Legal Pages Plugin for WordPress


Set-up is as simple and smooth as it gets. Upload the .zip file, install, activate and you are ready to go in as much time as it takes you to find where you have saved the .zip file. You can then find your way to the settings page on the left-side bar.

WP Legal Pages Settings

WP Legal Pages – Get Started

You are then led to a page to fill in your business details that will be used in the Legal Pages as necessary.

WP Legal Pages Business Information

WP Legal Pages Business Information

After you fill in the details, you get to choose the type of website you are running – Business, Ecommerce, Niche, Amazon, Adsense etc. Within each of those choices you get to pick from a wide range of templates. Here’s WPLegalPages WordPress Plugin an entire list of templates you can pick from. This makes it much easier for you to know what kind of pages your specific site needs. Not all the sites need all the legal pages (fortunately!).

I believe this is a pretty good range of templates offered to the user. These legal pages have been drawn by an Internet Lawyer. If what you need isn’t here, there’s a good chance you need to get hold of a lawyer anyway. Also, new templates are added regularly.

All of this in less than 5 minutes. Here‘s a much detailed “how to” video.

It is a very approachable plugin. All you need is right there under the Plugin’s settings on the left-side bar. You can access the pages you create using this plugin as a part of your “Pages” library.

WP Legal Pages Options

WP Legal Pages Options


You can create or edit your own templates, like any other WordPress page. The best bit is, you can clone an existing template using handy short codes and edit them to make your own new template. You also get a short code for your new template that you can use on any of your other pages or posts. Don’t miss the notes field which is visible only to admin. Just what we all need to remind us why we did, what we did.

As you can see, you can have a legal page pop-up too. This is for those of your sites where it’s necessary for user to agree with Legal Pages.

You have an option to exclude or include each of the legal pages in your site’s navigation. This way, you can pick where you want the pages to show up, irrespective of whether or not you are using a free or a premium WordPress theme.

What’s more, for formatting sticklers like me, it picks up the font from the WordPress theme in use.

Last but easily the most important one – even if it is all very simple, things are made simpler by having short support videos that give you detailed “how to”s, including a troubleshooting video.

What you do need to keep in mind though is that having the legal pages plugin doesn’t legally protect you. But then no such plugin possibly could. That is the nature of legalalities. But, this plugin is as cookie-cutter as this requirement could get.

Note the word, “requirement” in that sentence above. Like it or not, you have to have it only to protect yourself. Better safe than sorry. Always.

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