10 Tips for Local SEO on Landing Pages

Today’s marketplace is the place where big fish eat the small fish. Going up against the established business can be extremely difficult. That’s why SEO is so effective it provides you with the competitive advantage to expand your local brand by focusing on local areas. The objective of creating the local landing pages is to help the businesses expansion in towns and cities.

The most effective strategy for small local business is to focus on local areas by creating a “local landing page”, and then optimize your landing page with effective SEO techniques. These landing pages often called ‘area coverage pages’ which just means you are focusing on a town, city, or region to reach out to. SEO optimization on the local landing page will make your local business visible to your audience in the targeted local areas leading to more conversions.

In this article, I’m going to tell you some basic local SEO tips and ranking factors for your local business landing pages, but it is a good idea to get a consultation with a local SEO expert to help form and implement a strategy.

Optimize By Adding Location Pages

The purpose of a local landing page is to cover the market in your direct proximity. The best way to increase your brand’s presence is to add location pages on your web page or add the name of the state and city where your business is located and operating. This is an easy way to increase your local SEO ranking, just make sure the title page is optimized properly.

Focus on User Experience

User experience is vital, no matter if you own a multinational brand or a local brand. Majority of the customers search the local brands to purchase cheap but high-quality goods. A well-designed page can increase the engagement and will be able to enhance user experience. Link and include your landing pages with main navigation structure and PPC campaigns, and it will increase your connectivity with local customers.

Focus on NAPE Presence

Presence of your brand’s name, home address, phone number and email are the most important factors if you want the search engine to serve your business well. If I’m a potential client, I will explore any local brand with their name, address and phone number. It is important to pay attention to detail when it comes to writing your name, address, number, and email because all these factors add value to your brand. When crawlers visit the website, they collect all the information available and put that into search engines. So, wrong information can be the killer for your local business.

Try to Include Keywords Relevant to Your Domain

I will be better for you to search and include the keywords relevant to your domain. Think of the keywords most suitable to your brand. It might be difficult for you to put that much attention to detail if you have multiple landing pages. But at least try that your service keywords must be relevant to your domain’s content. When you publish the keywords relevant to your services, your customers will easily be able to what services your offer by going through the keywords.

Link Building

Organic links can be handy for your local brand, connect the inbound local links to your landing page, and this will enhance your brand’s online visibility. It will make it easy for people to explore your web page. Apart from that, it will increase the quality and authority of your landing pages.

Add Hyper Reviews and Discussion

Another effective technique for optimizing your landing pages for SEO is to add the reviews and discussions on your pages. Customer’s reviews about your various products are proof that you are here to provide quality and you are looking to build better relations with people.

Use Google My Business

Everyday users use the search bar to search your business listings to collect credible information. To turn this activity into your competitive advantage, you just need to register yourself with Google Business and then log into to your account. Submit all the credible information regarding your business and write the precise products descriptions. This will purify your business listings and make your brand’s listing more appealing you can also create your logo.

Local Content

Create local but interesting content regarding the niche of your business. Describe the services you are offering. Then publish this content on your landing page. No matter you are doing SEO for landing pages or the whole website, content is an integral part of SEO. You can attract customers and engage them with the iconic content.

Refine Your Business Listings

Let’s suppose you have created the listing for your business, what will happen all of the sudden you will see many extra listings regarding your brand. The online system will automatically generate the accumulated listings. It is important to make sure that all the listings are operating under your brand’s parent name. To refine your brand’s listings, you have to remove all the duplicate listings. Moz Local is a great tool, use this tool to find all the duplicate listings of your brand and remove them.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Use Google AdWords keyword planner to generate and plan proper keywords for your landing page. This tool is free to use.

If all of this sounds like a lot to take on, we recommend seeking services from a local SEO company with expertise in this area. Implementing proper local SEO can take a good deal of time and patience. Sometimes outsourcing is the best move a business or web agency can make, so they can focus on more pressing matters.

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