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Top 11 WordPress Ad Management Plugins

Top WordPress Ad Management Plugins are listed in this article. A WordPress ad management plugin is the best way to embed on your sites and manage ads. Running advertisements is one of the easiest and the surest ways to monetize your website.

It takes enormous effort to reach out to the advertisers and unload their banners to the website manually. Even if you are partnering with an ad network, pulling ads from there and putting them on display becomes a lengthy process if you do manually. With any of the wordpress ad mangement plugins listed below you can easily post an ad.

A WordPress ads plugin can help you automate the process and functions as an ad inserter. It helps you get ads from ad networks or individual advertisers without much effort. Also, you can track the performance of your ads and cater to different user groups with advanced features for personalization.  

 In this article, we will give you a list of 11 most popularly used WordPress ad management plugins. Each comes with its own uniqueness. You can go through the list and find one based on your needs.  

How to put ads on your website 

There are many different ways to put ads on your sites. You can go for a theme that is ad optimized or works well with ad management plugins. Nowadays many WordPress themes come with all necessary steps to display ads on your site. You may go for some add-ons if you need to increase the functionality.    

Another way is selling spaces to ad networks. There are many ad networks that act as a bridge between the advertisers and website owners. You just have to connect to the network, it will provide you with the ads that match with your target group and content. And the easiest way to connect to a network is a plugin. 

Nevertheless, An ad management plugin lets you create ad zones on your site and manage the display of ads on your screen. In short, it enables you to have control over every element of the ads that are on display.   

Importance of showcasing display ads on your website 

You must have thought many a time,

“How do I add a banner to a wordpress website?”

If you have a good amount of written content published on your site and you have at least 100 organic views in a day, you can surely go for display ads.

Displaying ads on your site is an easy way for revenue generation. If you have a good CTR, you will earn a good amount of revenue from selling inventories to the advertisers.

The other reason why you should have professional WordPress ad mangement plugin on your site is empty spaces. Sometimes empty spaces become a casue of worry. It affects the look and feel of your site. To utilise the blank spaces you can put some gorgeous ads that match your contents and may soothe the eyes of the viewers. If they find the ads useful, it is good for you as well.

What are the top WP ad management plugins available?

Nowadays the market is flooded with WordPress ad management plugins. You will get thousands of ad management plugins for WordPress if you go for a search. So, finding the most appropriate one for you is really difficult. Keeping that in mind we have brought a collection of top WP ad management plugins for you. Not to mention, the list contains both free and premium plugins.

List of 11 WordPress Ad Management Plugins

1. WP Ad Center

WordPress Ad Management Plugin

WP AdCenter is a WordPress Advertising Plugin that gives you all in one solution for ad management. It gives you total control over the ads that you display on your site. It lets you create as many ad zones as you want on your site. You can create banners and custom ad sizes to match the content and layout styles of your site. There is a statistics area where you and the advertisers can track the performance of ads. 

The plugin lets you schedule your ads manually. You can personalise ads as per geo-locations and specific sets of customers. It supports all ad formats. You can register advertisers on your site. After that, they will be able to track and edit their ads. The plugin is easy to install and has exclusive documentation. 

Also, it comes with a Google AdSense importer with which you can automatically show ads from any ad center. You need not add AdSense code manually to your website.


  • Google AdSense Importer
  • Display ads anywhere on your site 
  • Automatic ad rotation 
  • Geo-location targeting 
  • Detailed statistics and report 
  • Online advertiser signup 
  • PayPal integration 

Price – $19 

AdCenter download link

2. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter - Wp Ad Management Plugin

Ad inserter is one of the top advanced and feature-rich WordPress ad management plugins. It is an easy tool for displaying and controlling ads on your site. With this, you can insert any code anywhere on your pages. There is an intuitive user interface. You have all the settings on a single page. It offers you a clearance option for avoiding insertion near images or header. You can exclude ads on individual posts or pages.   

The plugin supports Google AdSense, Amazon,, banners and all other popular ad forms on desktop, tablets and phones. It works well with caching. There are custom widgets and easy shortcodes. There is frequency capping. You can limit impressions or clicks on your pages.  


  • Automatic insertion of ads 
  • Ad statistics with reports 
  • Impression and click tracking 
  • Easy ad scheduling 
  • Syntax highlighting editor 
  • Simple troubleshooting and debugging 

Price – $20

3. Advanced Ads 

Advanced Ads - Plugin

Advanced Ads is a simple WordPress ad management supports all ad types and allows you to create your own. It is a Google AdSense partner and supports other networks like Google Ad Manager, Amazon or It offers you tons of useful features to test and optimize your ads. There are dedicated Gutenberg blocks for ads. 

The plugin lets you put ads anywhere on your screen. It lets you serve ads by conditions based on the visitors. You can show or hide ads based on devices, browsers and also user role and history. You can also show or hide ads based on conditions like individual posts, pages, tags or categories. Also, the plugin is responsive and cross browser compatible.      


  • Unlimited ad units 
  • Ad rotation 
  • Schedule ads 
  • Ad injection 
  • User group based targeting 
  • Match ads with your content 

4. AdRotate

AdRotate Ads Plugin

AdRotate is a simple yet powerful among WordPress ad management plugins. If you are looking for a tool to manage all the ads from your dashboard, AdRotate is your option. It allows you to put random and selected banners on any post or pages. You can manage ad groups and schedules manually if you wish to. Your settings will block some selected ads automatically after they expire. The plugin lets you hide your ads from ads blockers so they are less likely to be blocked. 

With AdRotate, advertisers can add their ads to your site themselves and manage them. You can preview ads while editing. Finally, the plugin supports mobile and portable ads. You get email notification when an ad is about to expire or needs attention.   


  • Works with any ad forms 
  • Geo-targeting for any location 
  • Ad statistics and report 
  • Track impressions 
  • Calculate CTR 
  • Export statistics to CSV files 

Price – $39 

5. WP Adverts

WP Adverts - Ad Plugin

WP Adverts is a lightweight and fast loading plugin to display classified ads on your site. It displays classified categories grid with essay shortcodes. You can allow users to post their classifieds and edit them afterwards. You can also track user payments and transaction logs. Ads will automatically disappear after the scheduled period. 

The plugin works with any WordPress theme. Moreover, you can install it with a single click. It is flexible, responsive and well documented. It is a free plugin.     


  • Display classified ads 
  • Intuitive ads browsing and search 
  • Charge users for posting & renewal
  • Drag & drop image upload 
  • Developer friendly 
  • One-click installation  

6. WP Pro Advertising System

WP Pro Advertising System

WP Pro Advertising management is a responsive ad management tool for WordPress. It lets you create HTML5 banners using a drag and drop editor. There are lots of popup banner possibilities. In addition, you can add a Facebook like box as a popup and delay the pop ups if you need. There are features to block Adblockers. Also, this plugin supports MailChimp ads. It lets you track statistics including user geo data.    

Furthermore, WP Pro Advertising System is a fully customizable plugin. It has a one-click installation feature. It is compatible with Visual Composer and Slider revolution. There is an API filter for developers. It is a free plugin. However, there are additional add-ons available which are payable.    


  • Visual banner creator 
  • Popup banners 
  • Background ads 
  • Text / HTML ads 
  • Custom ad zones 
  • Ad statistics 

7. WP In Post Ads

WP in Post Ads

To begin with, WP In Post Ads is a feature-rich WordPress ad management plugin to optimize your ads. It offers you many options to display ads on your site. Easy to show ads after certain posts, post titles and paragraphs. Schedule the display based on your needs. You can also hide some specific ads for some specific users. 

Above all, the plugin supports all WordPress themes. It is well documented and has 24/7 professional support. There are narrated video tutorials for beginners. It is SEO friendly and widget ready.      


  • Count ad views 
  • Random placement of ads 
  • Ad hiding features 
  • Integrate ads with Google Analytics 
  • Manage individual ads
  • A/B split testing 

Price – $19.35 


WP Squad - Ads Management Plugin

WP QUADS is a powerful WordPress ad management plugin for Quick Google AdSense integration to your site. It offers individual AdSense ad sizes for desktop, phone and tablets. It automatically detects optimal ad sizes for all devices and fits the ads there. You can show or hide ads on use roles custom posts types. You can set margin separately for individual ads. 

Additionally, WP QUADS is a responsive plugin. It has AMPsupport and works well with caching plugins. Its fast loading time assures better search ranking and user experience. By the way, it is available in both free and pro version.       


  • Unlimited ads 
  • Responsive ads 
  • Add ads on the AMP page
  • Visibility conditioning 
  • Ad Blocker detection 
  • Google Auto ads 

Price – $89 

9. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads PRO Plugin

Advanced Ads is a simple and flexible tool for ad management in WordPress. It helps you to connect to your Google AdSense account and import ad units from there. You can increase your revenue by selling fully automatic ad spaces to advertisers on the front end of your site. There are features to test ad networks against each other. It helps you to find the right ad partner or your site. Thus, you can create A/B tests between ad placements. You may also use rotating ad groups to find the best performing ad and ad position. 

The plugin supports multiple devices. You can create different setups for ads for mobile and desktops to improve the performance of each ad. It works well on the cached sites. Hence, makes you deliver dynamic ads without affecting the server.   


  • Unlimited ads 
  • Flexible ad types 
  • Lazy loading ads 
  • Schedule ads 
  • Track impressions 
  • Show ads on AMP pages 

Price – $ 39 

10. Ads Pro Plugin

Ads pro Plugin

Next is Ads Pro Plugin which is a multipurpose ad manager for WordPress. It lets you put ads on your site in 20 different ways. It includes sidebars, background, corner peel, grid and others. You can display and on different devices. There are coding options to show ads only a number of times per user and sessions. Ads can be shown or hidden after a few seconds. 

Additionally, the plugin makes ad statistics available for all advertisers. After purchasing ad space, they get email notifications with URLs. Therefore, you can track the performance of the ads. You can check impressions and calculate CTR. you can just drag & drop ads to change their positions.     


  • Responsive ads 
  • Schedule ads 
  • Control delay 
  • Geo-location targeting 
  • 25+ ad templates 
  • Backend manager 

Price – $39 

11. WP Ads Widget

WP Ad Widget Plugin

last but not least, WP Ads Widget is an easy option to place ads on your site. It basically offers you a widget. You can simply drag & drop it anywhere on the sidebars. In that widget, you can place your ads. It supports 55+ ad formats. You can advertise on Instagram profiles, Facebook pages and many more. 

Basically, this plugin is lightweight and free. It is well documented and responsive. Professional or beginner, anybody can use it with equal satisfaction. To resume, it works with all WordPress themes.    


  • Custom banner ads 
  • Google AdSense ads 
  • Unlimited ad widgets 
  • No clunky ad management interface  


To sum it up, Ads contribute to the growth and popularity of your site. Once you start adding ads to your site, ad management becomes extremely important. You have to keep an eye always on the ads on display. As a final point, the plugins we talked about will ease your job and make you relax with nothing to worry about your Advertising strategy.

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