Best 5 WordPress Review Themes

When you plan to set up a review site, which review theme to choose is the first question that pops up in your mind.

The choice of your theme can change the look and feel of a website. You also need to think of the customizability features that are present that can help in faster creation of a website.

Choosing the right theme makes creating a reviews website simple.

Here are 5 really cool WordPress review themes for you to consider for your next review site –

1. Proreview Theme:

WordPress pro review theme

This is a truly professional theme which will make your job easier. It provides a great level of flexibility.

You will be able to customize the entire look of the theme as per your choice.

Its easy interface makes Pro review theme a great choice to quickly create customer friendly sites.


  • Customizable widgets
  • Easily change your background,logos,images
  • Widget for top rated products
  • Supports shortcodes

This theme lets you build easily with all the necessary features of a review website.


2.   Divi Theme:


Creating a website with Divi is just like dragging and dropping.  Even if you are not a coding person you can customize it to that level like you are playing with something. You can be as creative as you want with this theme.

Divi comes with several pre-made layouts. But you can create your own custom layout within minutes.


  • Option to create your own custom layout with the Divi builder
  • Several pre-made layouts
  • Sparkling Navigation Bar and a lots of color options
  • Responsive

Divi is a very flexible theme. And it can be easily extended to suit your review site.


3.  InReview Theme:


This theme offers a functional rating feature so that you can have a user, author and a featured rating which makes it simple for the users to choose. InReview comes with secure and valid shortcodes.

You can pick your favorite color from the 5 colors that this theme offers.


  • Rating from user and author
  • Secure and valid shortcodes
  • Easy affiliate integration for getting more visitors.
  • Pre made templates to create unique pages and content.

This is a theme that can transform your website into a fully functional rating system.

4.  Viewr Theme:


The admin as well as users can submit reviews with this theme. This theme can optimize the review system for mobile devices too, that is, it is responsive. It includes Google rich view snippets.


  • You can define specifications with respect to the reviews
  • You may customize the rating module
  • Google can recognize the written reviews and show them in search results
  • Inclusion of ticker and custom widgets


5. The Reviewer Theme:


This is a theme with quick response time and animations. It is a localized theme so you can use it in your own language.

This theme comes with 2 layout options. It is an ideal choice for a movie review website.


  • Reviewing in any language is possible with translation
  • Colors for 5 star ratings
  • Recent ratings and Featured Author/Reviewer Widget
  • Widgets can be added to the Footer and the Sidebar

The main purpose of this theme is for entertainment reviews so if you are planning to build a website for reviewing movies or TV shows, then this is the theme you need.


I hope this article was useful to you and I would be happy to know your thoughts or comments regarding it. Do share it with your friends.

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