Top 7 Website Optimization Tools for your website

You develop a website with an objective to acquire a massive amount of traffic and see daily conversions. But you realize that neither is happening. Disappointing, isn’t it? Don’t worry!  Try looking at your website optimization, and you may get the answers there. Not optimizing the site perfectly could lead to a lot of troubles, resulting in lesser traffic and little to no conversions.

What is Website Optimization?

Website Optimization is the process of changing the site to improve your traffic and conversions.  What sort of changes are we talking about? Well, anything and everything that’ll help you reach your goals. This could mean making technical changes to improve your site speed, changing your content to improve rankings, changing your site structure for conversion optimization, etc.

Why is it Important?

You spend a lot of time and money on creating websites and content. But despite all your efforts, you don’t get sufficient traffic, and even when you get some visitors, they don’t seem to buy the products you are promoting.

The problem might be you are not optimizing the site for getting SEO traffic. Or you are not writing your content for higher conversions. This is where you should get serious about optimizing.

Why Should You Use Website Optimization Tools?

In the earlier days, with limited aspects to look into, website optimization used to be a much simpler process. However, with frequently changing algorithms of Google and more competition on the internet, executing everything manually doesn’t seem like an adequate option. 

Therefore, to simplify the procedure, there is plenty of tools out there that help you with almost everything required for website optimization. 

Best Tools for Website Optimization:


SEMRush is the best SEO research tool that allows you to understand perfectly where and how your competitors are finding success; thus, you can replicate the same for your business. 

Once you’re used to using this tool, there is probably nothing you’d be able to do manually. With this one tool, you get all the information and data from your competitors. With such results, you can easily build winning strategies for your brand. 

SEMRush concentrates on saving your money and time while simultaneously making you familiar with such opportunities that are fruitful in developing satisfactory results. The tool allows you to audit the site, collect benchmark data, generate SEO ideas, identify organic search competitors, find keywords, among others. 


If you want to keep a tab on how visitors perceive your website, there could be nothing better than choosing HumCommerce. A plugin that helps you to record visitors without any charges; and this tool is also integrated with advanced intelligence. 

With HumCommerce, you can find out where you are losing out on customers. If the visitors are dropping out, at what place they are doing so, and what could be the reason behind it. You can also optimize your website for mobile conversions. The tool also helps you discover whether visitors are reading the entire blog or leaving it half-way. 

Furthermore, by recording visits, you can check whether customers have completed the purchase or not. Or which parts of the post are they looking at? Which parts are they ignoring, so you can place CTAs inappropriate places?


Back in January 2018, Google threw the bomb of Speed Update. Accordingly, the mobile speed of the website was added to the list of the search engine’s ranking factors. Keeping this update in mind, the page load speed of the site impacts the rankings on both mobile and desktop. 

To correct the same factor, GTMetrix provides an amazing website optimization tool that helps comprehend how quickly your web pages are loading. And, if they are taking time, the tool also allows you to find out what you must do to fix those issues. 

Simply paste your website URL into the GTMetrix search bar to analyze the site speed. It will take only a few seconds to bring up the results. 

Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is one such tool that must be installed on each of your sites, irrespective of the number you handle, without any questions. This one is a handy plugin that ensures you cover the basics of SEO every time you create a new page or upload a new blog on your website. 

With a straightforward process, simply install the plugin on the WordPress website and activate the same. Immediately after this, you get to have access to a variety of features that the plugin offers. 

Every time you create a page or post, Yoast SEO offers you a readability and SEO score. Apart from that, the plugin also provides a comprehensive analysis of how your page is working on these two fronts. As far as SEO is concerned, the tool lists out potential warnings & problems along with good results. You can also use this freemium tool to change URL slug and title tags for better results. 

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics offers access to a huge amount of data that is related to how visitors are finding and interacting with your website. With this one tool, you can find out how many people have visited a certain page, how long did they stay on that page, where are those visitors from, how your keywords are performing, and more. 

With quite an ease, you can integrate Google Analytics with your website either through their WordPress plugin, site kit, or a code. The information acquired from this optimization tool is significant in comprehending how effective your SEO strategies are. 

Along with that, you can also uncover those areas where you can improve your efforts and optimization practices. 


This one is a web accessibility evaluation tool. With Wave, you can discover accessibility issues, such as small text size, missing alt text, and contrast errors that are making the content inaccessible to readers. 

As far as using Wave is concerned, all you’d have to do is enter your website URL and click through any visible icon-coded errors to look into what should be changed and learn the importance of enhanced accessibility. 


Website Optimization is one of the most important activities for any website. It’s a long and tedious process but the results it delivers make up for all the hard work. With the right set of tools, the process of optimizing your website becomes much easier and faster, so if you are optimizing your make sure you use the above-mentioned tools, they’ll be a lifesaver!


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