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Choosing Best WordPress Theme

Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing Best WordPress Theme

Choosing Best WordPress Theme website could be extremely challenging particularly for beginners. You would come across numerous paid and free options. All the themes look amazing. You would be confused while making a comparison of themes as each theme seems better as compared to the other. Here are some important factors to keep in mind while making the final choice.

Opt for a Responsive WordPress ThemeChoosing Best WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress themes would be effectively adjusting their layout for various devices and screen sizes. You must realize that today a substantial amount of web traffic comes from mobile phone and some other handheld devices. Your website’s theme could be boosting this number by almost 50 percent. Mobile-friendly websites would be getting higher rankings in Google’s SERP. Irrespective of your site’s demographics or topics, remember websites require being completely mobile ready and responsive. Most WordPress themes seem to be responsive by default. Your WordPress site’s theme must necessarily be mobile-friendly.

Testing a Theme to See If It is Mobile Ready

The best way of testing if a theme is actually responsive or not would be by adjusting the size of the browser screen. While resizing the browser screen, you would find that the layout of the theme would be adjusting itself to the width of the screen. Browse through Tayloright to learn more.

Check Browser Compatibility

Remember that different users would actually use different browsers.  Browser compatibility becomes important in such a case. Most WordPress theme designers/developers are accustomed to rigorously testing their themes with the help of cutting-edge compatibility testing devices or tools. You could simply consider testing your WordPress theme on various browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.

The theme may appear best on your browser. However, something could be broken in some other browser.

Testing for SEO Friendliness

Choosing Best WordPress ThemeAny site’s SEO friendliness depends primarily on its WordPress theme. A striking theme could still be generating inefficiently-coded HTML. Unfortunately, this may impact your site’s overall performance on the search engines. Top-notch WordPress theme developers would tell you that all their pages are actually optimized for SEO.
You could consider testing if the page is generating effective HTML5 simply by checking it using W3C Markup Validation service. You must, however, keep in mind that the W3C tool may show several warnings but they need not be taken seriously and you must not be worried about them.

Reviews and Ratings

You must examine the reviews and ratings for your chosen WordPress theme. A fabulous indicator of the high-quality of a WordPress theme is good reviews and ratings provided by the users. If the WordPress theme is bought by people, you could browse through the customer reviews. However, for WordPress themes that come free, you would come across the rating section below the download key. That would be demonstrating the number of stars and reviews given by the users.

Conclusion How To Choosing Best WordPress Theme

For the WordPress sites that are new, you could simply choose the best theme and then go about installing it on your website. WordPress is actually utilized for creating all sorts of websites. Each theme would be catering to an all-new and a different market. Remember that the WordPress theme must be compatible with your website’s content.

One Comment

  1. Mike

    June 26, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    Also smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the most popular ways for people to browse the internet.

    Mobile is the way of the present and the future, meaning that you’re losing tons of business if your WordPress theme isn’t responsive for all devices.

    When you shop for a theme the features list should state whether or not the theme is responsive. If it’s not responsive, run away. Choosing a non-responsive theme is like investing in the the rotary phone business.


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